February 13 Creative Logo

I'm Betsy Cordes—
art maker/director/lover, creative matchmaker and cheerleader,
owner of February 13 Creative, a San Francisco-based studio.

February 13 Creative encompasses my many art- and design-related pursuits:

  • art licensing
  • graphic design and art direction
  • product design and development
  • management and representation of creative genius

Though the size and nature of my clients' businesses may vary tremendously, my efforts on their behalf are united by my one big, burning desire: to promote celebration, joy, and connection through art. My motto—"celebrate every day"—keeps me focused on people who do the same through their creative businesses.

So if you're a manufacturer or small business owner looking for fresh art and product design… or a rising art star looking for a new kind of representation… Well, I'd love to hear from you!

photo © Sarah Deragon, Portraits to the People