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February 2011

bunnies, go-go boots, giant heads... happy new year!


Seeing as it's the Year of the Rabbit, and seeing as I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, and seeing as I've lived in San Francisco for over 20 years and had yet to witness the city's renowned Chinese New Year Parade… well, it seemed like it was high time for me to do so. On Saturday evening El Esposo and I bundled up, braved the cold and the rain and headed downtown to see what it was all about. I can tell you now it was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen. The colors, the lights, the noise, the imagination… out of this world. I can't wait to make this a tradition.
(The parade opened with several go-go booted girl gangs... red boots, black boots, white boots. I was too busy snapping photos to see what they were all about but I can tell you they were all utterly fabulous.)

big-headed buddha guy


delicate damsels on stilts


very tall, very wise

another ginormous head... couldn't get enough of these!
so many bunnies in this parade, but these were my favorites... jumping over the Golden Gate Bridge. They flashed on and off and bobbed up and down!
and, of course, there were dozens of dragons. This one (I think it might have been sponsored by Recology) had little Chinese slippers for teeth... SO clever!
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something wild


El Esposo and I tried something new for Valentine's Day this year... something relatively adventurous (though perhaps not as lusty as that intro makes it sound). We went to an underground dinner. This one was hosted by ForageSF, an organization that promotes our local food economy in the most direct way I can imagine… through foraging ingredients from locations like my neighbor's backyard, Golden Gate Park, and San Francisco Bay. They also collaborate with very small local producers, like Local Brewing Co. and Two Mile Wines, who provided the beer and wine pairings for our meal. The location was undisclosed until the morning of the event (because these types of dinners aren't strictly legal and/or just to add to the allure of the whole thing). It ended up being right here in the Mission District at a warehouse art space, which was transformed with fairy lights, flowers, candles and live music into a surprisingly intimate and romantic venue. We sat at one of two huge communal tables and enjoyed a really great evening of food and conversation. Some of my favorites were the oysters (with roe from herring netted by our host, Iso Rabins; the herring make a 6-day spawning stop in our Bay each winter) and the dessert, which was an indescribably luscious mix of flavors and fragrances.

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