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September 2012

my morning vacation: Bartlett & 24th


This mural stops me in my tracks every time I see it. The decorative line work is just mesmerizing, and I dig the way it harmonizes with its context, echoing those black window grates. The artist is Zio Ziegler. You can watch a great video of him at work here.

Zio Ziegler's big cat, kitty-corner from the Mission branch of the SFPL at Barlett and 24th. Check it out next time you're in my neck of the jungle.


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booty call


Ahoy, shipmates! You know what tomorrow is, right? My favorite random celebration of the year… International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

via flickr

When my son was a wee nipper, we went through a heavy-duty pirate phase. One of the best things about his pirate obsession was discovering two great movies. The Crimson Pirate is a totally engaging piece of Technicolor fluff starring Burt Lancaster in all his beefcakey glory.

How's that for some pirate talkin'? "I'll eat the smoke of their cannon!"
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via moviescreenshots

Bonus! Burt in drag!
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quite a resemblance, right?

And, for the more serious pirates amongst us, the 1990 version of Treasure Island, starring Charleton Heston and a young Cristian Bale is truly a great adaptation of the novel with beautiful cinematography and first-rate acting. Both these beauties can be hard to find, but are well worth the effort.

What's on yer pirate agenda? I'll be grabbin' me first matey and a pint o' grog and settlin' in for a snug night o' movie watchin'.


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