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bee   /bē/
[with modifier] a meeting for communal work or amusement: a quilting bee… or a lino bee!

The lovely folks assembled above (and a few more just out of the frame) gamely signed up for the first-ever Lino Bee at Makeshift Society. I wonder if it may have been the first-ever Lino Bee anywhere? It was so perfectly wonderful that I can't wait to do it again! I hoped to be able to teach newcomers just enough to get them off and running on their own projects as quickly as possible, at which point I imagined we'd become a hive of activity—a table surrounded by busy hands and happy chatter, with all of us learning from one another. This is pretty much exactly what transpired at the cozy Makeshift Clubhouse on Saturday morning!

Amy demonstrates excellent form with her carving tool!

Anna uses carbon and tracing papers to transfer her design to her block before carving.

Rachel bravely and patiently tackled this small, intricate design.
Evidence that tasty treats encourage creative productivity: Leoni's owl surrounded by lino shavings and coffeecake crumbs. (see Leoni's finished print here.)

Walter digs into his first block.

I spied this still-life on Celeste's chair. I love how it reveals the evolution of her design: sketch in lower left; carbon used to transfer the design to her block above; the carved block and the resulting print. All completed in our short afternoon workshop.

Heather reveals her typographic design in print.

Caitrin's expressive design, in relief and print.

Jessika and Leah demonstrate a perfectly acceptable—and highly effective—way to transfer the image from block to paper: stand on it.


Walter gets busy with the baren—another way to transfer the image from the inked block to the paper.

Rachel's patient work revealed in print.

Heather, Nate and Anna transforming the Makeshift Clubhouse into a busy print studio.

I was so inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm of everyone who attended. Thank you, all, for making it such a gratifying experiment!


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my morning vacation: Bartlett & 24th


This mural stops me in my tracks every time I see it. The decorative line work is just mesmerizing, and I dig the way it harmonizes with its context, echoing those black window grates. The artist is Zio Ziegler. You can watch a great video of him at work here.

Zio Ziegler's big cat, kitty-corner from the Mission branch of the SFPL at Barlett and 24th. Check it out next time you're in my neck of the jungle.


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booty call


Ahoy, shipmates! You know what tomorrow is, right? My favorite random celebration of the year… International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

via flickr

When my son was a wee nipper, we went through a heavy-duty pirate phase. One of the best things about his pirate obsession was discovering two great movies. The Crimson Pirate is a totally engaging piece of Technicolor fluff starring Burt Lancaster in all his beefcakey glory.

How's that for some pirate talkin'? "I'll eat the smoke of their cannon!"
via moviescreenshots

via moviescreenshots

Bonus! Burt in drag!
via moviescreenshots

via via-51

quite a resemblance, right?

And, for the more serious pirates amongst us, the 1990 version of Treasure Island, starring Charleton Heston and a young Cristian Bale is truly a great adaptation of the novel with beautiful cinematography and first-rate acting. Both these beauties can be hard to find, but are well worth the effort.

What's on yer pirate agenda? I'll be grabbin' me first matey and a pint o' grog and settlin' in for a snug night o' movie watchin'.


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gorgeous graffiti


I got lost in the luminous, iridescent glow of this art, spied on my morning walk in San Francisco's Mission District. I love the contrast of the metallic background with the matte drips. It's super sophisticated and grungy at the same time. Kind of Warhol Factory. I'd love to find some way to replicate it on a huge tote bag and sling it over my shoulder!

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candy-colored wishes to you!


Sending a big, beautiful bubble of love and gratitude to friends of February 13 Creative. Wishing you a joyous holiday celebration!

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time for greetings!


If you're a last-minute elf like I am, never fear! There's still time to send beautifully personalized holiday greetings from February 13 Creative. Browse our selection of easy-to-customize designs, available exclusively at Cardstore.com. Within minutes, you can add your own photos and message. If you like, Cardstore will even take care of the mailing for you. Cardstore always offers free shipping, whether you have the cards sent to you, or directly to your recipients. Just be sure to order by December 15th if you'd like Christmas delivery!


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f13 means business


If you're a business owner or manager looking for the perfect holiday greeting to wish your clients and customers the very best, be sure to check our selection of easy-to-customize designs, available exclusively at Cardstore.com. Don't forget: Cardstore will address, stamp, and pop your cards in the mail at no additional charge. Even the (real, honest-to-goodness) stamps are free!

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New and just in time for gussying up all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday gift purchases… Pam Nudel's cut paper tree design on wonderful gift wrap from f13 licensing partner, DesignDesign!

This colorful, contemporary wrap is part of their eco-kind Green2 line. Happy wrapping!


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screen + ink + squeegee = mess x happiness


So I mentioned all these classes I'm taking lately. Voilà! My first screenprint… a little portrait of my new friend, Claude (aka The Featherduster).

I snapped his fine form on my iPhone one night and could see the ultimate print in my mind's eye immediately... such a great, graphic black-and-white shape!

I did the art and color separations in Illustrator. One of my classmates saw the inkjet print-out I had as a color reference for mixing my ink. She asked, "Why do you even bother with the hassle of screenprinting when your inkjet looks so good?" The truth is, I love forcing myself to surrender to the unpredictability of the manual printing process. Screenprinting, like other traditional media, is so maddeningly hard to control. I pulled about 25 prints of Claude and only the very last two or three were anywhere near decent. I had all kinds of glitches from the start…. The transparencies I printed to burn my screens weren't lining up properly, setting me up for all kinds of registration headaches; my teacher accidentally poked a hole in one of my screens so I had to crop the image a little differently than planned; strange spots and blurry areas appeared with each new pull, every one requiring a small adjustment.

An earlier pull… perfect registration on his ear! But wait, what happened to his nose?! And his jawline? Not to mention those spots on his ear that never went away.

In the end (top image), his nose finally printed solidly, but I had to compromise on the registration (nose won out over ear). I also never got perfectly clean, solid coverage. But that's what I came for… the mess, the inability to fuss over every pixel, the opportunity to tell my inner perfectionist: "It's okay."

I highly recommend it!


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baby, it's cold outside!


I don't know what the weather's like in your neck of the woods, but here in San Francisco it's beginning to feel a lot like winter... the perfect atmosphere for contemplating this year's holiday greeting! We have some great new designs available in our Cardstore.com collection, including these two snowy beauties. 

We're also delighted to let you know that Cardstore now offers free shipping or free postage, standard on all orders, everyday!


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