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succulent inspiration


Inspiration this week was in the form of a little fieldtrip out to Flora Grubb Gardens, where we encountered more succulents than I ever imagined existed. The variety and charm of these plants just astounded me... and they represent only a portion of the many beautiful plants and gardening goodies offered by this wondrous San Francisco nursery.

Many of the close-ups are taken from the "vertical garden" you see behind us in the photo above. (And that's Elie, one of our fabulous summer interns, on the right!)

And, because no february 13 creative gathering is complete without great food, we followed Flora Grubb with succulence of a different variety: lunch at Schmidt's, a cool new German place in my neighborhood. Schmidt's is just one of many great new restaurants that seem to be springing up around here... including Stable, which we waddled down to for coffee and cookies at the end of the afternoon!)

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