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f13 goes drupal!


Thanks to the fabulous Colin Duwe, we've recently completed some major improvements to our website. Colin has moved us to a Drupal-powered site, which means that updating our content (to share news and new work) should be a much easier and faster process in the future. We took the opportunity to redesign the site a bit as well, and we'd love to know what you think. Please leave a comment!

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surtex diary, the wrap up!


Tuesday morning started off with a big f13 "pow!" as we discovered that we'd been mentioned on print & pattern... a design blog we regularly drool over. To be included with the many other fabulous artists covered there was a huge honor and a great beginning to our final day of the show. Many, many thanks to Bowie Style at print & pattern for the shout-out!

We met so many wonderful people on this trip, and reconnected with friends we usually only see once a year, at the show. Our neighbors were the incredibly talented and sweet folks from Caleb Gray Studio and Lucky Day Studio. We were fortunate to find ourselves inside their little vortex of good vibes and beautiful art!

Caleb and Conor from Caleb Gray Studio were directly across from us and kept us thoroughly entertained. We thought we were on top of things, coordinating our outfits with our booth and with one another... but these guys stole the show!

The lovely Julia of Lucky Day Studio, with Betsy standing in for Lucky Day's Donna. (Sadly, Donna was off on business when this shot was taken, but we wanted to show you their fantastic booth design. This was their Surtex debut as well. Congrats, girls!)

My only regret about this show (other than downing that triple latte on the last day... apologies if I scared off anyone with my insane energy!) was not taking enough photos with our visitors. We are really blessed to have so many great friends in this business. So for what it's worth, I wanted to give each of them a little shout-out here. I only wish we had the following of print & pattern so this could bring you all tons of traffic!
Three cheers to all the fine folks at Cardstore.com, who have been amazing friends and huge supporters of f13 from the get-go.
We were delighted to see so many of our fellow Cardstore.com licensors: Kate Spain, Rob&Bob, Erika Firm of Delphine, Amy Biggers of Snowpea Studio, Maria Carluccio, Anne Keenan Higgins (joined by my friends from Papyrus art directing days, Deanna and Alicia, what a treat!), Lilla & Susan from Lilla Rogers Studio, Salli & Nate from Studio SSS, John McDonald and Robin Zingone. We loved our visits with two of our current licensees and all-around beautiful people: Tom & Susan from Design Design and Alan & Lisa from Great Arrow Graphics. And last, but not least, it was great to connect with several fellow artists who have, over the years, graciously shared with us their advice, tips, and experiences about exhibiting at Surtex, making this debut much easier than it might have been: Cheryl Phelps, Jeanette Smith, Tara Reed. Ellen Crimi-Trent, Marian Nixon, and Vela Tuohy of Little Star Soup (We didn't actually get to see Vela this year because she was busy over in Brooklyn doing this... Congratulations, Vela and John!).

Wednesday, after packing up our boxes and making a few frantic visits around the Stationery Show to check in with folks we'd like to work with, we headed out into the city for a well-deserved afternoon of play, kicked off by a really decadent lunch at Balthazar with Katy, Matt, and Tiffany from Cardstore, and dear Erika of Delphine fame.

Squished but happy... and finally relaxed... in the car on the way downtown.

Matt and Erika

Pam and Katy

Betsy and Tiffany (note that I'm still wearing my show badge... nice touch, don't you think?! ha!)

After lunch we did a little shopping and gazing in Soho, including a stop at the new Kate's Paperie and a surprise find: the Dwell Studio sample sale!

And stumbled upon this random but gorgeous door that reminds me of Alexander Girard, among others.

A little treat for our tired tootsies... fab slippers from Pearl River Trading Company. I buy these in bulk whenever I'm in NYC... so chic and so affordable!

We were away from home for 7 long days and so I save the biggest thank-you for last: to our families, especially to our hard-working and ever-supportive husbands for holding down our respective forts. We adore you!

Amy shared this photo of the beautiful sign that Tavia and Jacey made for her home-coming. I'm sure you'll find their work in our portfolio one of these days!

Now we're back, and knee-deep in the follow-up. We feel really good about the connections we made and optimistic that we'll develop some great new partnerships as a result of exhibiting at Surtex. And we're already dreaming of next year!

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