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happy birthday, fairy godmother


Today's my godmother Judy's birthday. She passed away over two years ago, but she influences me to this day. She was a swinging single girl in the '60s, working in publishing in Mad Men era New York City. Her sophistication, her travels, her independence, her intelligence, her hip fashion sense, her clever way with words and her endless, multi-faceted creativity are embedded in me as inspiration. In this photo, she's visiting our family shortly after we moved to Ukiah, in about 1970 (that's my little brother, Jason, on the left). I keep this photo on my desk and everytime I look at it, I remember how great it was to have her arms around me... how strong and full of potential it made me feel (and she smelled sooooo good!). At her memorial, her husband Tom gave me some of her jewelry and I was so delighted to discover that one of the pieces was the silver chain that she's wearing around her neck in this photo. I have it on right now. I miss her all the time and am so grateful for her presence in my life.

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