You are an artist.

And you're committed to earning your living through your creativity.
You're making your mark,
using your talent, passion and dedication to build your brand.
You're proud of your business
and insist on owning it fully, on being the agent of your vision.

We know it's not easy.

Maybe you're at a critical moment in your business, about to make a
big, exciting-but-scary decision.
Or maybe day-to-day
management of all the things
has grown into a full-time job in itself, and you're looking for a path back to making art.
Maybe you have a
vision for the future
but can't see the way from here to there.

We are
February 13 Creative.

We advise and support art brands.
We understand that your business is about more than your artwork.
It reflects your passions, values, and lifestyle.
It bears your unique signature, recognizable to your followers.
It is the power that you, and no other, hold.

We believe in a new way of doing business,

an approach where artists retain control
over their art and their business.
It's a wild, wonderful new world out there, and the old approaches—using an agent, licensing at any cost, following the latest business guru—no longer work reliably.

We offer a brilliant new alternative.

This is our promise to you:

We will help you
hone your brand
and build your business.
We will give you information and perspective, so you can
make big decisions with confidence.
We will show you how to manage it all more efficiently, so you can
focus on your art.
We will give it to you straight, and hold you accountable.
We will be your secret weapon as you execute your bold, beautiful plans.