September 2019 - February 2020

Join me (that would be moi, Betsy Cordes) and a group of your art brand peers for a six-month workshop/mastermind experience—a MasterMindshop!

There are three groups to choose from. Each is tailored to address a particular challenge I see my clients and other entrepreneurial artists bumping up against, and each provides space and flexibility for addressing your own unique needs, relative to that challenge. 

Through these groups, I want to help you make bold and confident strides forward in your art-based business. I’ll provide structure, resources and leadership throughout the six-month program, while also being an active participant/contributor in all group meetings and online conversations.

This experience is designed to bring you the best of what I have to offer. You’ll have two one-hour-long private meetings with me, in addition to my leadership and full participation in all group conversations. The huge bonus that’s unique to this opportunity is your access to all the wisdom and support of a carefully vetted group of your peers—other artists who are committed to defining and building their own extraordinary art brands. Each group will be six to eight participants, maximum.

Read on for full details and a link to submit your application. I’ve worked hard to answer every question I can imagine, but if there’s something you can’t find an answer to on this page, just shoot me an email!

Here’s an index, if you’d like to jump directly to a specific topic:

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: What follows is pretty much verbatim from my recent emails to you. So if you’ve already been hanging on my every word ;) and you know you’re ready to apply, you can jump to the application right here.

Group 1
What is my unique art brand?”

Is your art brand is still more of an idea than a reality? This group is made for you. You know a strong art brand when you see one. It's what you dream of for your own business, yet you sense that your portfolio and your presentation aren't transmitting the same kind of dialed-in, compelling vibe you so admire in your art heroes. Maybe you've even come to think you just don't have it, or that you'd be faking if you tried. Don't despair. Join us!

This group will kick off with a workshop-style format to help you discern the characteristics of your art and your story that are most true to you—the qualities and tones you can amplify and spotlight, to distinguish your own genuine art brand. I’ll provide exercises for self-reflection, to help you deconstruct your visual style, your communication style, and the story of you. Your own analysis will be complemented by pointed reflections from me and the other group members. The process will help you see things in your portfolio, your website, your social media and your writing that you may not even see yourself. In fact, it will help you see yourself more clearly.

You’ll then zero in on a personal plan of action to fine-tune and enhance your portfolio, your online presence and your product offerings to be the strongest-ever presentation of your one-of-a-kind art brand. I want you to emerge from this experience with an authentic and potent distillation of your art, your values and your story that you feel excited to share.

But we won't stop there. Following this initial exploration, definition and planning phase, you’ll dive into implementation of your plan, where you'll begin editing, curating and packaging your offerings like never before. You'll be supported by four additional monthly meetings and ongoing online discussion (all facilitated by me), as you work toward your goals.

Apply now.

Group 2
How do I confidently and genuinely promote my art brand?”

In this group, you’ll start by identifying and exploring the hang-ups you have about marketing and promotion—because, let’s be real, this topic probably wouldn’t even catch your eye if you didn’t have discomfort with the whole idea of self-promotion. You’re not alone! Simply shining the light on your own gremlins in the safe and supportive space of this group will immediately put you at ease, knowing you have a team who gets it and that you’re all there for one another. Furthermore, we’ll all be sharing our best tools and tips for working around said gremlins, building a library of resources you can call on when the inevitable doubt creeps in.

Understanding, camaraderie, feedback, support and accountability are at the heart of all the groups, but especially this one. Nevertheless... this group is so much more than that! Strategy will be essential to your success, so you'll also get right down to work crafting a detailed social media and/or newsletter plan. And we'll make sure yours is solid, with plenty of opportunity for feedback from me and the rest of the group.

For those of us who struggle with promotion (raises hand), the problem often isn't a plan so much as it's putting that plan into action—and staying in action. So another big challenge for those in this group will be to get moving on execution as quickly as possible. To help with that, we’ll also brainstorm and pre-troubleshoot roadblocks, distractions and doubts that are likely to hamstring you along the way, so you can equip yourself with the right mindset and medicine. I want you to avoid or overcome those obstacles before they derail you!

This initial period of exploration will occupy us for at least the first few weeks, but we’ll have a total of six consecutive weekly meetings to give everyone plenty of time to find their way, followed by another four months of once-a-month meetings to keep you steady-as-she-goes as you implement your beautiful new strategy. You'll also have ongoing opportunity for discussion in our private online space and I’ll provide the structure needed throughout, to ensure ongoing feedback and a strong sense of accountability.

Apply now.

Group 3
Help! I’m at a really important transition point with my art brand business.”

This group is for you if you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve had some success, and you find yourself at the threshold of a major change or new business development. 

There’s lots of flexibility on the WHAT that you bring to the group. Here are just a few examples to help you understand what I mean by "important transition point"… 

  • Maybe you’re ready to hire your first employee—and you want to set yourself and your new teammate up for success.

  • Or maybe you want to eliminate a super popular offering, to make room for something new.

  • Perhaps you’ve just signed your first book deal and you’re feeling a little daunted by the enormity of the creative task ahead of you.

  • Or you might be ready to take on a huge website refresh.

  • You could be launching your first course, or maybe a Kickstarter campaign…

Whatever the case may be, this group gives you access to the wisdom and support of a group of your peers—in addition to my guidance, informed by my years of experience working with entrepreneurs just like you. As you survey the possibilities, you’ll get really clear on your what, your why, and your how. And then you’ll gracefully move forward on this important transition.

During the initial “workshop” portion of our work together, you’ll get help to articulate the nature of your transition, why you’re doing it, and what success looks like—very specifically—once your goal is accomplished.

And, as with the other two groups, you’ll craft a plan of action that sets you up to achieve your goal and experience that success you've so perfectly envisioned. And you’ll have another four months of regular meetings with me and the group, for ongoing support and accountability.

Apply now.

Timeline and structure

August 12th - 30th (or until groups are full)

  • I’ll be reviewing applications and enrolling participants in the groups.

  • Enrolled participants will have their first private meeting with me during this two-week window.

  • I’ll also open up the private group forums within the F13 Art Brand Collective, so we can all start getting to know one another. The Collective is an online community I’m building on Mighty Networks and you’ll have free access to it through the end of 2020.

Week of September 2nd

  • I’ll provide welcome materials tailored for each group. This will include recommended homework so you can be prepared to make the most of the experience right out of the gate. Plan to devote roughly two hours to preparing for your first group meeting.

  • If you haven’t had your first private session with me yet, there will be time for it this week.

September 9th - October 18th

  • Each group will meet weekly for six consecutive weeks. This will constitute the “workshop” portion of the program, where you’ll define your vision, your challenges and your plan of action. 

  • Each group will have a dedicated day and time of the week for meeting, and meetings will happen via Zoom.

  • Expect them to last two hours, maybe a little longer.

  • I’ll do my best to schedule these for a day/time that is as convenient as possible for the majority of the group. If you have concerns about this, there’s space on the application to let me know your time constraints.

  • Members will also be able to submit questions and get feedback from the group, even if they have to miss a live meeting.

  • Throughout this six-week period, I’ll continue sharing resources to jumpstart and deepen your thinking and your planning processes… and you’ll be encouraged to do the same! We’ll develop an online index of these resources for ongoing reference.

October 21st - 31st

  • You’ll have your second private meeting with me during this two week window. The timing of this second session is meant to help you transition gracefully into the more independent doing phase of your project, giving you an opportunity to address any lingering questions or concerns directly with me. 

November 1st - February 28th

  • Following the six-week intensive phase, we’ll switch to monthly meetings for an additional four consecutive months of group mutual support as you each dive into working your plan.

March 1 and beyond!

  • The regular meetings and my facilitation of everything wraps up at the end of February, but...

  • My hope is that deep bonds will form within the groups as a result of your important and intimate work together. I’d love nothing more than to see participants collaborating and supporting one another for years to come!

Cost and benefits

$210 per month, for a full six-month cost of $1,260.

Or pay in full at the time of enrollment and receive a 10% discount: $1,134.

I’m bringing everything I’ve got to the content and design of this new offering. I’m confident these MasterMindshops are going to deliver a tremendous value for the investment. 

They’re designed with the same intention I bring to all my offerings. I want to inform and equip you to take the next big leap with your business and to be able to run confidently on your own steam for as long as possible. I’ll be giving you my best tools and recommendations for fully exploring and articulating the growth you want to achieve—your desired outcome, your vision—as well as guidance to create a detailed plan for making that vision a reality.

Then, of course, there’s the multiplying effect of the group: more hearts and minds giving feedback, sharing resources, wanting you to succeed. I experienced this myself, as part of a mastermind group I participated in almost six years ago. It was the single most powerful catalyst for me and my business to date. During the one year this group was in existence, I built what is now February 13 Creative, and self-published a book (including conducting a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign to fund production!). What's more, the relationships I formed through that group continue to be some of the most meaningful and rewarding in my life. I’m incorporating everything I learned from that experience into these F13 MasterMindshops.

How to apply

Head on over to the (simple!) application page as soon as you’re ready. 

I’ll begin reviewing applications and offering enrollment to selected applicants the week of August 12th.

Here are some things to consider, as you decide whether to apply:

  • Take time to think carefully about which group feels right for you and why. (See more on this below in the FAQs.)

  • Think about the time commitment, to be sure you can participate in the full experience, showing up for your fellow group members as well as for yourself (more on the time commitment in the FAQs).

  • Once I’ve reviewed your application and determined that the fit is good, I’ll send you a link to schedule your first hour-long private meeting. Payment will be due at the time you schedule that meeting ($1,134 if paying in full at that time, or $210 if paying monthly).

  • Applications will be open until August 30th, or until all spaces are filled.


Q: What is a mastermind group?

A: It’s a group of like-minded professionals who meet regularly and follow an established structure for their meetings, intending to help one another achieve big goals as well as more meaningful success and satisfaction in their work. This happens through brainstorming, feedback sessions, peer accountability, and mutual support. During these F13 MasterMindshops, I’ll provide resources and leadership while also participating fully as a member of the group, bringing my own experience, expertise and perspectives gleaned from more than two decades of work with artists in a wide variety of roles, including building/running my own creative business. 

Q: How many participants will be in each group?

A: My vision is that each of the three groups will have six members, though we could go as high as eight per group and still have a very cozy experience. 

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: The groups start with a series of six weekly meetings. Expect those meetings to last 2 to 2.5 hours each. On top of that, expect to devote some time each week to your "homework" as well as to participating in discussions in the online space to your heart's content. I recommend planning for at least 4 hours per week, all told. Once we move to monthly meetings (November through February), it won't be as time-intensive for meetings (just one ~2 hour long meeting per month), but you'll want to be sure your schedule includes generous time for working on the big beautiful plan you've developed during the first six weeks! Your two private meetings with me happen before and after the initial six-week phase. Each is one hour long.

Q: Will it be absolutely necessary to attend live for each group meeting?

A: The meetings are central to any mastermind experience, so in a way... yes. That said, I know that every now and then it won't be possible for some members to join live. If that happens for you, you'll still want to watch the recording of the meeting as soon as possible, so you can keep up with the full group experience. The Zoom recordings will be available for download shortly after each live session. You'll also have the opportunity to submit a report and/or questions prior to each meeting, so even if you can't attend live you can be represented there.

Q: These groups all sound so interesting and exciting but I’m not positive I’m ready for this. How can I know for sure?

A: If one or more of the group topics strikes a deep chord for you, the price and timing work well for you, you’re ready to show up and do the work, and you’re ready to show up to support your fellow group members, I encourage you to apply! One more recommendation: if you've never worked with me, please do some reading on my blog (this series is a great place to start) and/or watch one or more of my Confab recordings. These will give you a really good sense for my philosophy, my way of communicating, my values, and so much more. If you like what you read/hear, chances are the MasterMindshop will be right up your alley!