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Betsy Cordes

art maker-director-lover  |  creative matchmaker  |  cheerleader  | strategist

photo by  Sarah Deragon

photo by Sarah Deragon

Like you, I am an artist and creative entrepreneur. I get it. I understand that your art and your business are highly personal—that they’re extensions of you, and the last thing you want to do is sacrifice control of your brand. I also know how difficult it can be to find the time and mental space for creative ideas to flourish when you’re trying to keep up on the business side of things. That’s why I started F13 Art Brand Advising—to empower and support you, as you build the brand you envision.

Betsy’s experience in the field of commercial art includes product design, art direction, management of creative teams, publishing, and loads of art licensing deals—including negotiations from both sides of the table. As an art director, she has helped companies like Cardstore.com, Papyrus and Madison Park Greetings find and license the work of scores of talented artists. As an artist, she has licensed her own work for stationery and gift products. Now, as the principal of F13 Art Brand Advising, she shares her experience, ideas, business savvy, licensing expertise, and enthusiasm with emerging and established artists alike.

Let's get acquainted!

Chuck Cordes

(real) in-house counsel  |  legalese-to-plain-English translator |  philosopher

photo by  Sarah Deragon

photo by Sarah Deragon

What began as side project—helping Betsy understand and negotiate her own license agreements—has evolved to a full-blown calling. I have always related strongly to the concept of lawyer-as-advocate: I believe a lawyer’s job is to be a supporter and crusader for the rights and well-being of his clients and their businesses. As F13 has grown to include management and representation of other artists, so have my opportunities to contribute on the legal side of things; so much so that at some point I realized, ‘Wow. These are the clients I was meant to serve.’

Chuck is a lawyer by trade, with over 15 years of multifaceted experience in litigation and transactional law. He is a creative at heart. His passion for the arts and for writing gives him the added superpower of being able to communicate sometimes dry or complicated legal concepts in clear (and even entertaining!) fashion. From business formation, to copyright and trademark registration, to agreements, intellectual property rights management and more—Chuck goes above and beyond to be sure you and your work are protected to the highest extent, laying the confident foundation for your success. {Please note: Chuck’s legal services are provided and separately invoiced through the Law Office of Chuck Cordes.}

Betsy and Chuck

We met in college (University of California, Santa Barbara) many moons ago, and we've lived and worked in San Francisco's Mission District for years now. Our shared love of creative enterprise has been a constant in our relationship from the very beginning, so it's been incredibly rewarding to see how F13 synchronizes our work and personal lives.
Speaking of our personal lives, way back in 1993 we welcomed our one and only child, Henry—truly the light of our lives and our proudest creation. Now, years later, this remarkable young man is stepping fully into his own creative and professional gifts. We are delighted to let you know that Henry has joined forces with us, to offer a wide array of support services to help you make the most of your creative potential. Read on to learn more about Henry and how he can help you achieve your business dreams and goals.

Henry Cordes

web artist  |  writer  |  video editor  |  creative polymath


Growing up with Betsy and Chuck as my parents, I was always encouraged in my creative pursuits. And there were many, from building an internet shrine to my pet mice, Edelweiss and Edelversa, to writing short stories, to acting in and directing plays. After I graduated from Reed College in 2015 with a degree in English, I struggled to find work that was meaningful and challenging. During a visit home, I had a good long talk with Betsy and Chuck (not unlike an F13 strategy session), and came to realize that if the job I want doesn’t exist yet, then it’s up to me to invent it. I began freelancing—using the creative skills I’d been honing all my life—to help artists realize their ideas. Six months later, after building up a portfolio and a base of core clients, I began offering my services under the auspices of February 13 Creative.

Henry is a multitalented creative ninja offering a host of auxiliary services to F13 clients. He can help you build a website from scratch, update and maintain your existing site, edit videos such as e-courses and marketing materials, craft pitches to media outlets, write and/or copyedit blog posts and other content, and much more. If there’s a project you’ve been dreaming up but technical aspects are holding you back, Henry is here to help.

Our network

When needed, we also collaborate with a bevy of skilled and trusted service providers (bookkeepers, tax preparers, graphic designers, writers, marketing gurus, social media mentors, and more) to assist with your projects.

The artists we serve

We are a small but nimble organization, proud to work with truly remarkable artists. We’re honored to be able to share testimonials from several of them here.

Learn about F13 Art Brand Services

F13 is an advising agency devoted exclusively to art brands: individual artists who are building thriving businesses around their art, lifestyle, passions and values.

We believe an art brand takes shape when a visual artist creates a business based on thoughtful commercialization of the art she loves to make. When her efforts are framed by intuitive marketing that reflects her passions, values, and lifestyle, she inspires authentic engagement with her audience. When all these pieces come together, the result is a dynamic art brand with a devoted customer base that extends the artist’s marketing virally and exponentially expands the value of the brand.

We trust that our clients possess intuitive business sense that can be cultivated and relied upon as they develop and manage their business growth. We keep our client roster on the small side and we work on a fee basis rather than commission, so we can provide tailored and intimate support—both strategic and practical—for each of the artists we serve. Through our work together, our clients find they are more confident about their business judgment and goals, and they are able to devote more of their time and attention to creative development, knowing they have a partner to help them hold the big picture.