Following an Art Brand Strategy Session, many clients choose to work with Betsy for ongoing support and advice.

F13 Art Brand Evolution Sessions are especially perfect for tackling big, juicy brand-expanding projects.

Maybe you want to:

  • work up a book proposal and submit it to publishers

  • re-envision your website

  • hire your first employee, or strengthen your existing team

  • write and design an e-course

  • collaborate with a factory or an artisan to develop a new product

  • develop more efficient, effective business management systems and practices

  • strengthen your brand presentation

  • expand your licensing business

  • devise and implement a more effective promotional strategy 

Betsy is the perfect guide and mentor as you venture into ambitious projects like these, and more. She’s a sounding board, brainstorming comrade, next-step-thinker, and accountability partner who will inspire you to your very best work.

I came to Betsy with a big vision for a new brand, Art+Alchemy. I was ready to make changes, but struggled with where to start. Betsy helped me bring it all to life, coaching me through my sense of overwhelm with a gentle spirit that kept me focused on my goals and helped me honor the progress I was making toward them. Betsy delivered consistently and beyond my expectations, always providing just the right tools, resources, design feedback, brand strategy, moral support and more.
— Stephanie Ryan
Betsy helped me organize and streamline my thriving business as a spiritual educator and writer. She gets my desire to produce less product, be on-screen less, and raise the integrity of what I’m already doing. While self-publishing my third book, she helped me understand where the gaps in my planning strategies were so that I could launch and promote efficiently.
— Pixie Lighthorse
Once I had Betsy in my life, I started to accomplish big things for my business. She guided me on a major rebranding project. Thanks to her, I finally have a brand name, and my website is more active than ever. I’m more productive and motivated. I’ve learned not to over-think, not to worry about my speed so much. I’m kinder to myself.
— Nily Necef
Betsy has learned my strengths and challenges and has helped push me (gently) to be the best I can be. She’s helped me to set realistic and achievable goals for my business and helped me to learn to create better, more efficient business practices—scheduling, systems, organizational tools. She’s also given me great advice on my licensing contracts and helped me get a better handle on my social media marketing. The result is that the business side of my creative world runs more smoothly and is far less likely to feel daunting.
— Susan Black

The F13 Art Brand Evolution Sessions start with a six-month commitment, giving you time to dive deep on a big project or two, and to see good progress. In your monthly, one-hour meeting with Betsy, you’ll review your progress, evaluate new ideas, brainstorm solutions for any sticky issues, and agree on goals and tasks for the coming month.

While most clients prefer to focus their sessions on attaining one or two large goals, some value simply having Betsy “on call” each month for perspective and accountability. She brings her art business expertise to your table each month, providing valuable insights on the wide variety of opportunities and challenges that pop up regularly for the creative entrepreneur.

Either way, the Evolution Sessions advising program is for the nuts-and-bolts work that brings about real growth in your business. If you’ve been hesitating to take on a big project before you know you have the support to really get it done—or you just want month-to-month guidance from a trusted advisor who knows your world—you’re in the right place. Six-month advising consists of:

  • 1 hour/month meeting at a regularly scheduled time for six months, plus between-meeting accountability email checkups. ($320/month)

  • email support between meetings is available as needed at a special rate of $175/hour (normally $225 per hour).

Note: If you haven’t yet worked with Betsy—or it’s been a year or more since your last consultation with her—start with an Art Brand Strategy Session. It will give you both the chance to review your current business and brand-building ideas comprehensively, setting the stage for success in your Evolution Sessions.