If you're looking for targeted advice on a specific commercial, operational, or legal issue related to your visual arts business, we offer hourly consulting as well.

F13 Art Brand Hourly Advising is best for very particular, as-needed guidance—for example when an unexpected opportunity or challenge arises.

  • This consultation happens via an email dialogue and/or Zoom conferencing, depending on the nature of your issue.

  • There’s a one-hour minimum, and after that we bill in 15-minute increments ($225 per hour).

  • We invoice immediately upon confirming with you that your questions have been satisfactorily answered, or your need/issue resolved. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

To get started:

  • Please email us with a thorough description of the issue at hand, along with any resources that will help us understand the situation (e.g. agreements, synopsis of conversations, or links to relevant web content).

  • We typically respond within three business days.

  • If we believe we can be of service, we’ll provide a link for scheduling in that response. We request payment of the one-hour minimum ($225) up front at the time you book your appointment. Any additional time you may approve will be billed separately.

Right now I consider Betsy to be the only consultant I need going forward because of her skills, experience, personality and kind heart.
— Lori Roberts / Little Truths Studio
It takes special folks to handle law, coaching and art direction at the same time. F13 is truly a valuable resource!
— Katrina McHugh
If you are looking for someone to take you to the next level of authenticity in your business, Betsy’s the one for you.
— Esther Loopstra
Chuck has been so great to work with on the legal side; whether it is simple advice, an in-depth contract review or building my base contract from scratch, he has been invaluable to my business in the short time we have been working together.
— Kelly Ventura
Sometimes a contract situation comes up that is just beyond your abilities… or worse, a situation where you need to get out. When this happened for me, I knew that I needed to handle the situation very delicately but I wasn’t sure how to approach it.... I was instantly relieved when I spoke to Chuck. He was kind, patient, understanding, and spoke to me in terms that I could fully comprehend. He helped me figure out my goals and focus on them, helping me create a strategy for every possible angle, and approach the situation with a calmness and confidence. He helped me successfully negotiate, with a better outcome than I could have expected.
— Elizabeth Olwen
Each conversation with Betsy leaves me feeling inspired, optimistic and focused. Who could ask for more than that?
— Jen Renninger
We began working with Chuck on the constant stream of IP issues, trademarks, contracts and everything else that comes with owning a creative business. He is now an important member of our team, and we feel very lucky to be working with him. He’s pragmatic and kind, explains complex legal issues clearly and concisely, and is very good at helping us determine which battles to choose.
— Emily McDowell

Note: Chuck’s legal services are provided by, and separately invoiced through, the Law Office of Chuck Cordes. Read more about his services and fees, and book a complimentary consultation with him on his site.