Imagine what could you achieve with the dedicated support of a creative management and legal team devoted to your business...

...a powerful team that takes the time to understand the personal values that underpin your art and your business decisions, a team that works side by side with you to help you evaluate ideas, goals and opportunities through the lens of those values, and then supports you, day by day, to help you achieve your biggest dreams for your business.

February 13 Creative is that team for a very select number of creative entrepreneurs—visionaries who are changing the world’s notions of what it means to be an artist and what it means to make a living from one’s art.

With F13 Art Brand Partner Services, we’re pioneering a new model of business support for these artists, one that provides far more than agency representation ever could. We’re especially proud of our model for these reasons:

  • We work on a fee basis rather than commission, allowing our clients to retain 100% control and command of the revenue streams generated by their creativity and hard work.

  • We work seamlessly and transparently with our clients to keep them informed about every move we make on their behalf.

  • We keep our clients’ names and brands (not ours) front and center in all communication.

  • We adapt along with our clients, in order to meet the ever-evolving nature of their creative life- and business-styles.

  • We work with you only as long as is truly beneficial. We want to help you strengthen your internal team and shore up procedures. We can help you find and train staff, develop more efficient, effective workflows, work habits, and communication. Then we slip into the role of as-needed advisor while you and your in-house team take care of the day-to-day.

This is the highest level of service that we offer. Because of the intensity of the commitment, we take the decision to engage with your business in this way very seriously, and only elect to work this closely with brands we mesh with very well. In other words, first we need to get to know one another! To that end, it all starts with an Art Brand Strategy Session—most likely in person, at your studio, over the course of two or more days. Please visit the ABSS page  for details, and get in touch with Betsy if you have any questions.

As an illustrator who came upon success at a young age, I felt very accomplished, but overwhelmed when it came to the unfamiliar world of legal agreements and client relations… not to mention organizing my licenses, dealing with copyright infringement, defining my brand, and getting my business finances in order. One day Betsy stepped in and changed everything. With grace and care, she began working with my licensees and has since negotiated better terms for every contract I’m presented with. Betsy makes sure I’m involved in every business decision—I’m cc’d on every client email and we go over every contract together.
— Katie Daisy
After a year of having Betsy and Chuck on my team, I not only have more time to focus on the creative pieces of what I do, but I also have full confidence and trust in how my business is growing thanks to their helping me manage my brand on all levels. They are incredibly capable, highly respected, but also full of heart.
— Kelly Rae Roberts