As a creative entrepreneur, you're used to doing everything yourself.

But as your business expands, it's worth getting some help on certain projects. Maybe you need a website. Or you have an idea for an ecourse but need help organizing and writing lessons. Or perhaps you have a manuscript for a book that needs a thorough round of copy editing. Henry Cordes is here to help you make it happen, with F13 Art Brand Project Assistance!

Depending on the particular services and your needs, we may figure out an hourly rate or a flat fee for your whole project. After each service description below, there is a benchmark to help you estimate how much your project would cost. Please keep in mind that projects vary widely in complexity. Henry can give you a much more detailed estimate after a complimentary phone consultation. Read on for details!

Web design

Whether you’re looking for a professional portfolio site like this or this, built in a Content Management System like Squarespace so you can easily update and maintain it yourself, or an old-school, scratch-built art website like this, Henry can help you make your internet vision a reality.

From the initial consultation to going live, web design for a 10-15 page site generally takes around 50-100 hours, which works out to around $2500-$5000. Additional services such as graphic design and copywriting are also available.

Copy editing & proofreading

Do you send regular newsletters or draft extensive blog posts? Maybe you’re publishing a book? Copy editing and proofreading are crucial steps that will raise the caliber of your work immensely. Henry studied English at Reed College, is a writer himself, and has substantial experience copy editing and proofreading both his own work and that of others. Henry will give your manuscript a thorough scouring, so you can have absolute confidence in the quality of your writing.

For medium copy editing, you can expect about 4-6 pages (1200-1800 words) per hour, or $1000 for a 100-page manuscript.

Henry has been an absolute dream to work with as a copy editor. He reads the work thoroughly and considers who I’m speaking to in my writing, helping me come across clearly and succinctly. He helps me make magic of my run-on sentences and tames my tangled ideas into much more readable, enjoyable prose.
— Pixie Lighthorse

Analytics clarifying

Do you have Google Analytics turned on for your site, but when you look at the numbers you can’t really tell what they’re saying? Henry helps analyze your traffic patterns and gives clear recommendations in regular language about how to steer your web traffic through your site in an effective way.

A report like this generally takes about 2-3 hours, which works out to approximately $100-$150.

Video editing

Whether it’s a ten-minute informational video that just needs titles and transitions, or a weekly, hour-long series, Henry can turn your raw footage into professional-quality content.

Simple editing generally follows about a 4:1 ratio of editing time to finished video time, which works out to about $200 for an hour-long video.

IP protection

Are pirates selling your work on Amazon or Etsy without your consent? Henry can help you find infringers, and then fill and submit DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Takedown Requests in order to stop them.

A single DMCA Takedown Request takes about 15 minutes, but it makes the most sense to do many at once. For example, if you can easily find more than two infringing examples on Amazon in a few minutes of searching, then it might take 3-5 hours to research, identify, and take down every infringing product on that platform, adding up to approximately $150-$250.


Do you have an idea for a book, ecourse, or other project, but are having trouble with the writing? Depending on the size of your project, Henry can do one or a series of interviews with you in order to clarify your concept, organize your information, and draft your content.

For writing projects, it may make the most sense to settle on either a flat fee for the whole project (like a book or an ecourse) or a piece rate for recurring work (such as a weekly blog post).


Do you use quotations in your artworks? You’ll want to be sure that you’re not violating the author’s copyright. Henry can research the origin of your quotations and, if necessary, contact the appropriate publishers to obtain licensing agreements.

Securing permissions involves research and sometimes back-and-forth with publishers over several weeks. You can expect about 1-2 hours total per quotation, from the time of consultation until you have the licensing contracts in hand, or about $375 for 5 quotations.

Media research and pitching

Do you have a story you want the media to know about, but aren’t sure how to go about pitching magazines, blogs, and other news outlets? Henry has researched and drafted many successful pitches. He can work with you to craft engaging pitches, giving examples and editing your writing until it’s sharp and succinct. If you have a list of outlets you want to target, he can also help research the right person to contact or submission form to use. Pitching to 5-7 identified outlets using variations on 1-2 basic pitch templates that you’ll write collaboratively takes about 4 hours of his time, or $200. That number of pitches gives you a good chance of landing one opportunity.


Ready to get started with Art Brand Project Assistance with Henry?

Contact us at info@february13creative.com to let us know about your project, and we'll get back to you with next steps. If your project seems like a good fit, you'll have a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss the details with Henry and then he'll draft a project proposal and fee estimate for your review.