copyright basics in 150 words

You’ve just finished a new artwork. You’re now the proud owner of an amazing new creation, and a sweet set of rights that are all yours.

  1. Right to Reproduce: Only you get to make copies of your artwork.
  2. Right to Distribute: Only you get to sell or distribute copies of your artwork to the public.
  3. Right to Make Derivatives: Only you get to make new artworks based upon your artwork.
  4. Right to Display: Only you get to display your artwork in public.

Your new gem is intellectual property (“IP” for short), so these “copy” rights are property rights.  And inherent in all this: you get to decide who to share your rights with and on what terms. If someone uses your property without your permission and contrary to one or more of your exclusive rights their use may be viewed as a form of theft addressable in a court of law.

So, you’ve got these amazing rights in your artwork. But is every artwork covered? Aren’t there some limits? With rights come rules, and we’ll break it down for you in our next post on Tuesday. Until then, we’d really like to hear from you. What information would help you feel more in command of your IP?

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