hello, blogosphere!

Hello! We’re Betsy and Chuck, The Mrs. and Mr. behind February 13 Creative (F13 for short). This week we’re pretty darn excited to finally launch our blog. Over the weeks and months to come, we’ll be sharing ideas and information relevant to visual artists and their creative collaborators in manufacturing, publishing, and advertising.


We have boatloads of helpful content planned around topics like:

We’ll be laying the foundation with a helpful primer before we dive into juicy stuff like derivative works and substantial similarity. What the hell are we talking about?! Watch this space, learn and contribute to the dialogue.

art brands
You’ll hear us talk a lot about art brands
here at F13. Wondering what we mean by that? Stay tuned as we share our ideas about the difference between being a licensing artist and an art brand, and why we think it’s an important distinction.

We’ll be breakin’ ‘em down—from licensing contracts, to publishing agreements, to those crazy terms & conditions you quickly click through when you sign up for social media sites and online services.

income streams
We believe in the power of diversification. We’ll talk about the why and the how of prioritizing, balancing, and managing multiple opportunities for commercialization of your artwork.

and so much more!

Be forewarned: we’re not doing this just because we’re charmed by reading our own thoughts. We want to hear from you. If you’re a working 2D artist—or you’re the product maker, art director, writer, advertiser or editor who wants to make sweet creative love with one of these talented professionals—we want to know what you think and what your questions are.

So why are we doing this? Because we know that happy creators (and that includes ALL of us) make the world go ‘round and we want to do our part to help keep our world spinning smoothly. We believe that information combined with transparent and respectful dialogue (especially around issues that have been sorta secret or unnecessarily complicated for far too long) will go a long way toward making that happen.

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