F13 Art Brand Confab: Exploring the "Art Brand Mindset"

Watch the replay anytime,  over on my Crowdcast.

Watch the replay anytime, over on my Crowdcast.

The F13 Art Brand Confab—a new webinar series hosted by yours truly, February 13 Creative founder Betsy Cordes—debuted on Crowdcast on August 26th, 2017, and I'm already looking forward to more.

Curious about this term “art brand”? You’re in luck, because that’s precisely the topic I tackled in this first webinar. My take on the concept of an “art brand” has some nuances that are really resonating for a lot of artists. I've explored it quite a bit on the blog, but I'm excited to share it with a wider audience via this confab. The replay is available over on Crowdcast for a mere $5. You can watch anytime you like. I hope you will, and that you'll touch base to let me know what you think!

This episode sets the stage for future F13 Art Brand Confabs—conversations that explore the intersection of art and business, conversations designed to inform and embolden your creative genius, conversations geared specifically toward art brand artists—conversations you won’t find anywhere else.

Has the confab inspired you to apply the "art brand mindset" to your own creative business? Consider joining me for an Art Brand Strategy Session. I'll take a comprehensive look at your art, your branding, your marketing, your products, your achievements and your ideas. Then we'll spend two full hours together discussing ways to apply "art brand thinking" to your situation.

I focus my experience and expertise on your specific business, to provide advice and actionable ideas that are tailored to your current circumstances and your big dreams. It’s a powerful session that my clients say leaves them feeling inspired, confident, and focused—prepared to make big strides with their art brands. I’d love to do one with you!

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