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Retainer-based Programs & Hourly Consulting

If you’re looking for the support of a trusted business advisor—from a team that deeply understands the visual arts and the interconnected pieces of a thriving creative business—our advising services may be a great fit. Because each art brand is as unique as the artist behind it, we tailor our services to each client’s specific needs and stage of business development.

Retainer-based Programs: Are ongoing February 13 Creative services right for you?
We work with established and emerging art brands alike. Artists who work with us on an ongoing basis demonstrate a passionate dedication to building and/or evolving their businesses. They are ready to make an investment of both time and money to grow their brands and want to work one-on-one with a deeply experienced and dedicated advisor who can help them define their goals, focus on what matters, and maximize their potential.

Our clients routinely say that through our work together they are accomplishing more, with less stress and more satisfaction. They are more confident in their decision making and in their ability to manage their businesses and to advocate for their best interests.

If you’re ready for this kind of expansion, our focused, dedicated support is a great investment.

How does an F13 retainer-based relationship work? What is included?
Our retainer programs are based on a minimum six-month commitment, giving us the time and focused attention to become deeply familiar with you and your business so we can provide rich, pointed advice and strategic support across the many facets of your unique business.

photo by Sarah Deragon

photo by Sarah Deragon

As a retainer-based client, you’ll have regularly scheduled meetings with Betsy via phone or Skype. Email support between meetings is an additional option.

Betsy provides feedback, additional perspective and external accountability to help you reach your goals. Perhaps most important, her ongoing awareness of your business, combined with her wide-ranging experience and perspectives on creative businesses in general, puts her in position to provide expert advice when particular opportunities or challenges arise along the way (e.g. evaluating a new licensing or publishing opportunity; working more productively with a challenging client; giving you an art director's eye when needed; integrating an assistant into your day to day; etc.).

photo by Sarah Deragon

As an additional benefit, Chuck offers his legal services to all F13 retainer-based clients at a special rate. Because Chuck works side by side with Betsy every day, he is able to quickly familiarize himself with your business if you’d like him to jump in to review a contract or respond on other legal matters that might arise during your retainer program.

What is the cost?
Our retainer-based programs range between $250-$5,000* per month with a minimum six-month commitment. Our most popular program is $500/month and includes a once-monthly, hour-long meeting with Betsy and her dedicated support via email between meetings.

Should you choose to work with Chuck on a license agreement or other legal matter related to your business, he offers his services at a special rate of $150/hour (normally $250) to all retainer-based F13 clients during the term of their retainer program.

If you'd like additional meeting time with Betsy (above and beyond your regularly-scheduled calls; for example, with an unexpected issue that can't wait until the next meeting), she also offers retainer-based clients a special rate of $150/hour (normally $250), during the term of the retainer program.

* Where your cost would fall within this range depends on the complexity of your business and the level of ongoing support you desire. Most clients work with Betsy as a advisor only and pay on the lower end of the range. They are able to manage their day-to-day business on their own, but benefit from Betsy's experience and expertise as a sounding board, brainstorming partner and strategic thinker. Other clients have more complex and/or mature businesses with multiple projects and clients in play at any given time. For these artists Betsy also provides more frequent meetings and email support, along with hands-on client/project management, at the higher end of the fee range.  

 {Please note: Chuck’s legal services are provided and separately invoiced through the Law Office of Chuck Cordes.}

How do we get started?
An Art Brand Strategy Session will lay the groundwork for our retainer-based collaboration by giving us a clear picture of your business goals and specific current state. You'll complete an extensive questionnaire and Betsy will get familiar with your website, portfolio and social media platforms. You'll then have a two-hour meeting with Betsy by phone or Skype, so she can dive deeper into your business and better understand your challenges. From there, we can consider the level of ongoing support that would be most beneficial to help you achieve your vision. With your needs and budget in mind, Betsy proposes a retainer-based program to maximize your business growth.

Ready to make a huge leap forward in your art business by working with F13 on a retainer basis?
Wonderful! Please visit our Art Brand Strategy Session page to schedule the introductory meeting with Betsy today!

F13 Hourly Consulting
If you're looking for targeted advice on a very specific issue related to your visual arts business, we offer hourly consulting at $250/hour. Please get in touch and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your website
  • A few sentences about your business goals, recent triumphs, current challenges and the specific questions you have for us. (Please be as clear and detailed as possible, to help us assess how we might be of assistance.)

We do our best to respond to these inquiries within 5 business days. If we feel we can be of service, we'll include a simple proposal and fee estimate for your consideration.

{Please note: Chuck’s legal services are provided and separately invoiced through the Law Office of Chuck Cordes. If your questions appear to be seeking legal advice, we'll let you know, so you can decide whether you want to consult with Chuck or another attorney. Please also feel free to contact him directly at any time.}

About February 13 Creative (F13)
F13 is a management and consulting agency devoted exclusively to art brands: individual artists who are building thriving businesses around their art, lifestyle, passions and values. We believe our clients possess intuitive business sense that can be cultivated and relied upon as they develop and manage their business growth. We keep our client roster on the small side and we work on a fee basis rather than commission, so we can provide tailored and intimate support—both strategic and practical—for each of the artists we serve. Through our work together, our clients find they are more confident about their business judgment and goals, and they are able to devote more of their time and attention to creative development, knowing they have a partner to help them hold the big picture.