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photo by Sarah Deragon

photo by Sarah Deragon

Join me for this 2-hour session (via phone or Skype) to get immediate guidance and expert perspective on your art business. I have a deep understanding of visual artists, their work, the challenges they face, and the opportunities available to them. In the Art Brand Strategy Session, I focus my experience and expertise specifically on your business, to provide advice and actionable ideas that are tailored to your current circumstances and your dreams for your business.

Clients tell me these sessions leave them:

  • focused and energized about their business direction
  • more confident in their dealings with licensees and clients
  • better able to prioritize their activities to reach their goals
  • emboldened to try new directions with their art
  • savvier about marketing their work and managing their social media presence
  • ready to tackle big growth projects like producing their own product line or developing a book proposal
  • and so much more…

They also tell me how great it feels to know they have someone they can call on, someone who truly understands the many hats an artist must wear—and the many irons they need to keep on the fire—as they build a thriving business around their artwork.

I schedule these sessions with a couple weeks' lead time, and first send you a questionnaire. You’ll complete and return the questionnaire at least one week prior to your meeting date, giving me plenty of time to review it, your portfolio and marketing platforms. I come to the meeting (which happens via phone or Skype) prepared to address your business in detail.

During the meeting, I provide abundant information pertaining to your specific business goals and stated needs. My goal is to help you help yourself to build the business you desire. I provide tools, information and resources to help you do that confidently, knowledgeably and efficiently.
Following the call, I send a wrap-up email with additional thoughts and suggestions. If you like, I can also provide a recording of your session.

Informed by your answers to the questionnaire, my observations from reviewing your sites, and topics that surface during our conversation, the session agenda develops organically. It may touch on issues and solutions in some or many of the following areas:

  • Clarifying your business vision and strategy
  • Planning and prioritizing to meet your business objectives
  • Defining your brand
  • Promoting your brand
  • Managing licensees, projects, schedules and clients
  • Communicating/working effectively with clients
  • Expanding your portfolio
  • Deepening your understanding of art licensing
  • Evaluating and negotiating a licensing opportunity
  • Protecting your art and managing your copyright
  • Developing a product line
  • Publishing a book
  • Evaluating your mix of revenue streams for possible growth or streamlining
  • Developing and implementing a crowdfunding campaign
  • Collaborating with other creative business owners

Because we tailor all our services to each client's specific needs, this session is also the entry point for clients who’d like to work with us on a regular basis. It lays the groundwork for our future collaboration by giving us a clear picture of your business goals and specific current state. Even if you’re not ready to work with us on an ongoing basis, you may well find that a single Art Brand Strategy Session is enough to get you going on your own steam for at least a few months.

Following our meeting, we can discuss additional services if you desire. We have some clients with whom we work very regularly (e.g. nearly every day); other clients work with us on an as-needed basis (e.g. for a specific business negotiation, for pointed advice on a particular challenge, mentoring/accountability to reach an important goal, etc.).

Cost: $500 USD

Is an Art Brand Strategy Session right for you?
We believe an art brand takes shape when a visual artist creates a business centered on thoughtful commercialization of her artwork. When her efforts are framed by intuitive marketing that reflects her passions, values, and lifestyle, she inspires authentic engagement with her audience. When all these pieces come together, the result is a dynamic art and lifestyle brand with a devoted customer base that extends the artist’s marketing virally and exponentially expands the value of the brand.

If this definition resonates for you—whether it’s the path you’re on or the path you aspire to—and you’re looking for perspective and strategic advice to take the next big step with your art business, then an Art Brand Strategy Session will likely be a great investment for you.

If you still have questions about whether an Art Brand Strategy Session is right for you, please send them to me in an email. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. I do my best to respond to all inquiries within a week.

To book a session:

  • Please check available dates on our online calendar, here.
  • Follow the prompts all the way through and look for the confirmation email from the booking system.
    • If you don’t receive that, it’s possible that your appointment hasn’t actually been booked, in which case please send me an email—info[at]february13creative[dot]com—to inquire.
  • Within 3 business days of booking your appointment, I’ll send an email with a simple letter of agreement and an invoice.
    • I will appreciate your prompt attention to the letter of agreement. Your payment will be due in full before the date of your meeting.

Thank you so very much for your interest in working with me. I hope to hear from you soon!


About February 13 Creative (F13)
F13 is a management and consulting agency devoted exclusively to art brands: individual artists who are building thriving businesses around their art, lifestyle, passions and values. We believe our clients possess intuitive business sense that can be cultivated and relied upon as they develop and manage their business growth. We keep our client roster on the small side and we work on a fee basis rather than commission, so we can provide tailored and intimate support—both strategic and practical—for each of the artists we serve. Through our work together, our clients find they are more confident about their business judgment and goals, and they are able to devote more of their time and attention to creative development, knowing they have a partner to help them hold the big picture.