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Perhaps you have a few license agreements under your belt and you’re wondering whether the deals you’ve been signing are as good as they could be. Or maybe you’ve got a new deal in front of you, with an agreement drafted by the manufacturer, and you’re wondering whether the terms are fair and reasonable. Or you’ve been licensing and you have a chance to use your own agreement and you’re not sure what to do. Maybe you’ve never licensed before, you’re getting some interest out there in the marketplace, and you want to be ready to leap when the time comes.

photo by Sarah Deragon

photo by Sarah Deragon

We can help. Here’s why and how.
Betsy has a long, practical history of engagement with the business of licensing. She’s been an art director for over fifteen years, during which she’s scouted and signed dozens of artists to license their work. She’s also a licensing artist herself who knows first-hand what it’s like to make a deal on her own behalf. And she advises and negotiates on behalf of clients with active, ever-changing licensing programs. Her background and current endeavors give her a unique perspective on the current state of the art in art licensing. Chuck is a lawyer with over fourteen years of experience in general litigation and commercial contracts. He’s been reviewing, following trends in, and generally staying on top of the legal and business aspects of licensing agreements since he first started advising Betsy with her art licenses over ten years ago. Together we provide a comprehensive overview of art licensing agreements from both legal and business perspectives. We equip you with useful, current information that can help you with your licensing business now and well into the future.

We can provide guidance no matter what your experience level. For example...

Are you already licensing?
We’ll assess your program.

We’ll review up to two of your existing licenses. Then we’ll meet by Skype or phone. We’ll tell you which terms are good, which are not so good and how they could be changed, and we’ll suggest language and ideas that you may want to pursue for your next deal. We can answer questions about your licensing program overall and offer advice as to how to make it stronger.

Have you just been offered a deal?
We can help you determine whether the proposed agreement is good, and advise on ways to improve it, including how to ask for changes.

If you have a proposed agreement in front of you, we can help you assess it. We’ll read it and meet with you by Skype or phone. If it’s your first time we can walk you through the provisions and answer any questions. But whether it’s your first time or not, we’ll focus on the reasonableness of the business terms and look at the legal risks and burdens. We can offer proposed changes to the agreement and help you in your communications with your prospective licensing partner.

Maybe you haven’t licensed yet.
But you want to be ready to leap when the opportunity comes.

If you’ve never licensed before but you want to be ready to go when the time comes, we can teach you the ins and outs before you’re faced with a draft agreement and a short deadline to make proposed changes. We’ll use sample agreements that will give you a sense of what you’re likely to see. Meeting by Skype or phone, we’ll show you the key terms you’ll want to bargain for, even if it’s your first time.

Each of the service offerings described above includes:

  • a meeting (via phone or Skype) of up to 2 hours with Chuck and Betsy

  • Chuck’s availability for up to one week following your meeting date, to answer your questions via email.

  • a copy of our model license agreement, drafted with the artist’s best interests in mind, for you to use as your own (whether for reference, or to present to a potential licensee)

  • our “deal checklist,” with all the key topics you’ll need to be mindful of when negotiating licensing deals, now or in the future

  • as an F13 Art License Agreement client, you may book time with Chuck or Betsy at a special rate of $150/hour (regularly $250/hour) for up to six months following our meeting date. This can come in handy to help you through a longer negotiation, providing support and expert guidance as you close the deal.

Cost: $1,000 USD

To book a session:

  • Please check available dates on our online calendar, here.

  • Follow the prompts all the way through and look for the confirmation email from the booking system.

    • If you don’t receive that, it’s possible that your appointment hasn’t actually been booked, in which case please send us an email (info@february13creative.com) to inquire.

  • Within 3 business days of booking your appointment, we’ll send an email with a simple letter of agreement and an invoice.

    • We will appreciate your prompt attention to the letter of agreement. Your payment will be due in full before the date of your meeting.

    • If you would like to split your payment in two installments, we’ll be happy to accommodate that. Please just leave a note to that effect when booking your appointment. Note that the final installment will be due no later than the date of your meeting, so please keep that in mind when selecting a date.

 {Please note: Chuck’s legal services are provided through the Law Office of Chuck Cordes.}

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