We offer a host of services designed to guide and support art brand entrepreneurs.

F13 Art Brand Strategy Sessions with Betsy provide both immediate guidance and long-range perspective on the state of your business.

F13 Art Brand Evolution Sessions are regular monthly meetings with Betsy, focused on helping you reach big brand- and business-building goals. This is a six-month commitment.

F13 Art Brand Partner Services is a new model of business support that combines creative management, client communications, and dedicated legal services. This is a twelve-month commitment.

F13 Art Brand Hourly Advising is useful if you need expert guidance on one specific, time-sensitive issue—such as a deal negotiation, or infringement assessment.

F13 Art Brand Project Assistance is thoughtful, capable, thorough and efficient help with anything from web design, to copy editing, to media outreach and more.


An Art Brand Strategy Session
is the entry point for most F13 clients.

The F13 Art Brand Strategy Session starts with an intensive, thought-provoking questionnaire and culminates in a 2-hour meeting with Betsy. She gives her focused attention, feedback and guidance on your business and brand—both its current state and its potential. It's a powerful service that our clients find centering, inspiring, and intensely motivating.

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Following an Art Brand Strategy Session, many clients choose to work with Betsy for ongoing support and advice.

F13 Art Brand Evolution Sessions are especially perfect for tackling big, juicy brand-expanding projects.

Maybe you want to:

  • work up a book proposal and submit it to publishers

  • re-envision your website

  • hire your first employee, or strengthen your existing team

  • write and design an e-course

  • collaborate with a factory or an artisan to develop a new product

  • develop more efficient, effective business management systems and practices

  • strengthen your brand presentation

  • expand your licensing business

  • devise and implement a more effective promotional strategy 

Betsy is the perfect guide and mentor as you venture into ambitious projects like these, and more. She’s a sounding board, brainstorming comrade, next-step-thinker, and accountability partner who will inspire you to your very best work.

I came to Betsy with a big vision for a new brand, Art+Alchemy. I was ready to make changes, but struggled with where to start. Betsy helped me bring it all to life, coaching me through my sense of overwhelm with a gentle spirit that kept me focused on my goals and helped me honor the progress I was making toward them. Betsy delivered consistently and beyond my expectations, always providing just the right tools, resources, design feedback, brand strategy, moral support and more.
— Stephanie Ryan
Betsy helped me organize and streamline my thriving business as a spiritual educator and writer. She gets my desire to produce less product, be on-screen less, and raise the integrity of what I’m already doing. While self-publishing my third book, she helped me understand where the gaps in my planning strategies were so that I could launch and promote efficiently.
— Pixie Lighthorse
Once I had Betsy in my life, I started to accomplish big things for my business. She guided me on a major rebranding project. Thanks to her, I finally have a brand name, and my website is more active than ever. I’m more productive and motivated. I’ve learned not to over-think, not to worry about my speed so much. I’m kinder to myself.
— Nily Necef
Betsy has learned my strengths and challenges and has helped push me (gently) to be the best I can be. She’s helped me to set realistic and achievable goals for my business and helped me to learn to create better, more efficient business practices—scheduling, systems, organizational tools. She’s also given me great advice on my licensing contracts and helped me get a better handle on my social media marketing. The result is that the business side of my creative world runs more smoothly and is far less likely to feel daunting.
— Susan Black

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The F13 Art Brand Evolution Sessions start with a six-month commitment, giving you time to dive deep on a big project or two, and to see good progress. In your monthly, one-hour meeting with Betsy, you’ll review your progress, evaluate new ideas, brainstorm solutions for any sticky issues, and agree on goals and tasks for the coming month.

While most clients prefer to focus their sessions on attaining one or two large goals, some value simply having Betsy “on call” each month for perspective and accountability. She brings her art business expertise to your table each month, providing valuable insights on the wide variety of opportunities and challenges that pop up regularly for the creative entrepreneur.

Either way, the Evolution Sessions advising program is for the nuts-and-bolts work that brings about real growth in your business. If you’ve been hesitating to take on a big project before you know you have the support to really get it done—or you just want month-to-month guidance from a trusted advisor who knows your world—you’re in the right place. Six-month advising consists of:

  • 1 hour/month meeting at a regularly scheduled time for six months, plus between-meeting accountability email checkups. ($320/month)

  • email support between meetings is available as needed at a special rate of $175/hour (normally $225 per hour).

Note: If you haven’t yet worked with Betsy—or it’s been a year or more since your last consultation with her—start with an Art Brand Strategy Session. It will give you both the chance to review your current business and brand-building ideas comprehensively, setting the stage for success in your Evolution Sessions.


Imagine what could you achieve with the dedicated support of a creative management and legal team devoted to your business...

...a powerful team that takes the time to understand the personal values that underpin your art and your business decisions, a team that works side by side with you to help you evaluate ideas, goals and opportunities through the lens of those values, and then supports you, day by day, to help you achieve your biggest dreams for your business.

February 13 Creative is that team for a very select number of creative entrepreneurs—visionaries who are changing the world’s notions of what it means to be an artist and what it means to make a living from one’s art.

With F13 Art Brand Partner Services, we’re pioneering a new model of business support for these artists, one that provides far more than agency representation ever could. We’re especially proud of our model for these reasons:

  • We work on a fee basis rather than commission, allowing our clients to retain 100% control and command of the revenue streams generated by their creativity and hard work.

  • We work seamlessly and transparently with our clients to keep them informed about every move we make on their behalf.

  • We keep our clients’ names and brands (not ours) front and center in all communication.

  • We adapt along with our clients, in order to meet the ever-evolving nature of their creative life- and business-styles.

  • We work with you only as long as is truly beneficial. We want to help you strengthen your internal team and shore up procedures. We can help you find and train staff, develop more efficient, effective workflows, work habits, and communication. Then we slip into the role of as-needed advisor while you and your in-house team take care of the day-to-day.

This is the highest level of service that we offer. Because of the intensity of the commitment, we take the decision to engage with your business in this way very seriously, and only elect to work this closely with brands we mesh with very well. In other words, first we need to get to know one another! To that end, it all starts with an Art Brand Strategy Session—most likely in person, at your studio, over the course of two or more days. Please visit the ABSS page  for details, and get in touch with Betsy if you have any questions.

As an illustrator who came upon success at a young age, I felt very accomplished, but overwhelmed when it came to the unfamiliar world of legal agreements and client relations… not to mention organizing my licenses, dealing with copyright infringement, defining my brand, and getting my business finances in order. One day Betsy stepped in and changed everything. With grace and care, she began working with my licensees and has since negotiated better terms for every contract I’m presented with. Betsy makes sure I’m involved in every business decision—I’m cc’d on every client email and we go over every contract together.
— Katie Daisy
After a year of having Betsy and Chuck on my team, I not only have more time to focus on the creative pieces of what I do, but I also have full confidence and trust in how my business is growing thanks to their helping me manage my brand on all levels. They are incredibly capable, highly respected, but also full of heart.
— Kelly Rae Roberts

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If you're looking for targeted advice on a specific commercial, operational, or legal issue related to your visual arts business, we offer hourly consulting as well.

F13 Art Brand Hourly Advising is best for very particular, as-needed guidance—for example when an unexpected opportunity or challenge arises.

  • This consultation happens primarily via an email dialogue, with phone call(s) if needed.

  • There’s a one-hour minimum, and after that we bill in 15-minute increments ($225 per hour).

  • We invoice immediately upon confirming with you that your questions have been satisfactorily answered, or your need/issue resolved. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

To get started:

  • Please email us with a thorough description of the issue at hand, along with any resources that will help us understand the situation (e.g. agreements, synopsis of conversations, or links to relevant web content).
  • We typically respond within three business days.
  • If we believe we can be of service, we’ll include a link for scheduling in our response. We request payment of the one-hour minimum ($225) up front at the time you book your appointment. Any additional time you may approve will be billed separately.

Chuck has been so great to work with on the legal side; whether it is simple advice, an in-depth contract review or building my base contract from scratch, he has been invaluable to my business in the short time we have been working together.
— Kelly Ventura
Each conversation with Betsy leaves me feeling inspired, optimistic and focused. Who could ask for more than that?
— Jen Renninger
Sometimes a contract situation comes up that is just beyond your abilities… or worse, a situation where you need to get out. When this happened for me, I knew that I needed to handle the situation very delicately but I wasn’t sure how to approach it.... I was instantly relieved when I spoke to Chuck. He was kind, patient, understanding, and spoke to me in terms that I could fully comprehend. He helped me figure out my goals and focus on them, helping me create a strategy for every possible angle, and approach the situation with a calmness and confidence. He helped me successfully negotiate, with a better outcome than I could have expected.
— Elizabeth Olwen
We began working with Chuck on the constant stream of IP issues, trademarks, contracts and everything else that comes with owning a creative business. He is now an important member of our team, and we feel very lucky to be working with him. He’s pragmatic and kind, explains complex legal issues clearly and concisely, and is very good at helping us determine which battles to choose.
— Emily McDowell
It takes special folks to handle law, coaching and art direction at the same time. F13 is truly a valuable resource!
— Katrina McHugh

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Note: Chuck’s legal services are provided by, and separately invoiced through, the Law Office of Chuck Cordes.


As a creative entrepreneur, you're used to doing everything yourself.

But as your business expands, it's worth getting some help on certain projects. Maybe you need a website. Or you have an idea for an ecourse but need help organizing and writing lessons. Or perhaps you have a manuscript for a book that needs a thorough round of copy editing. Henry Cordes is here to help you make it happen, with F13 Art Brand Project Assistance!

Depending on the particular services and your needs, we may figure out an hourly rate or a flat fee for your whole project. After each service description below, there is a benchmark to help you estimate how much your project would cost. Please keep in mind that projects vary widely in complexity. Henry can give you a much more detailed estimate after a complimentary phone consultation. Read on for details!

Web design

Whether you’re looking for a professional portfolio site like this or this, built in a Content Management System like Squarespace so you can easily update and maintain it yourself, or an old-school, scratch-built art website like this, Henry can help you make your internet vision a reality.

From the initial consultation to going live, web design for a 10-15 page site generally takes around 50-100 hours, which works out to around $2500-$5000. Additional services such as graphic design and copywriting are also available.

Copy editing & proofreading

Do you send regular newsletters or draft extensive blog posts? Maybe you’re publishing a book? Copy editing and proofreading are crucial steps that will raise the caliber of your work immensely. Henry studied English at Reed College, is a writer himself, and has substantial experience copy editing and proofreading both his own work and that of others. Henry will give your manuscript a thorough scouring, so you can have absolute confidence in the quality of your writing.

For medium copy editing, you can expect about 4-6 pages (1200-1800 words) per hour, or $1000 for a 100-page manuscript.

Henry has been an absolute dream to work with as a copy editor. He reads the work thoroughly and considers who I’m speaking to in my writing, helping me come across clearly and succinctly. He helps me make magic of my run-on sentences and tames my tangled ideas into much more readable, enjoyable prose.
— Pixie Lighthorse

Analytics clarifying

Do you have Google Analytics turned on for your site, but when you look at the numbers you can’t really tell what they’re saying? Henry helps analyze your traffic patterns and gives clear recommendations in regular language about how to steer your web traffic through your site in an effective way.

A report like this generally takes about 2-3 hours, which works out to approximately $100-$150.

Video editing

Whether it’s a ten-minute informational video that just needs titles and transitions, or a weekly, hour-long series, Henry can turn your raw footage into professional-quality content.

Simple editing generally follows about a 4:1 ratio of editing time to finished video time, which works out to about $200 for an hour-long video.

IP protection

Is your work being sold on Amazon or Etsy products without your consent? Henry can help you find infringers, and then fill and submit DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Takedown Requests in order to stop them.

A single DMCA Takedown Request takes about 15 minutes, but it makes the most sense to do many at once. For example, if you can easily find more than two infringing examples on Amazon in a few minutes of searching, then it might take 3-5 hours to research, identify, and take down every infringing product on that platform, adding up to approximately $150-$250.


Do you have an idea for a book, ecourse, or other project, but are having trouble with the writing? Depending on the size of your project, Henry can do one or a series of interviews with you in order to clarify your concept, organize your information, and draft your content.

For writing projects, it may make the most sense to settle on either a flat fee for the whole project (like a book or an ecourse) or a piece rate for recurring work (such as a weekly blog post).


Do you use quotations in your artworks? You’ll want to be sure that you’re not violating the author’s copyright. Henry can research the origin of your quotations and, if necessary, contact the appropriate publishers to obtain licensing agreements.

Securing permissions involves research and sometimes back-and-forth with publishers over several weeks. You can expect about 1-2 hours total per quotation, from the time of consultation until you have the licensing contracts in hand, or about $375 for 5 quotations.

Media research and pitching

Do you have a story you want the media to know about, but aren’t sure how to go about pitching magazines, blogs, and other news outlets? Henry has researched and drafted many successful pitches. He can work with you to craft engaging pitches, giving examples and editing your writing until it’s sharp and succinct. If you have a list of outlets you want to target, he can also help research the right person to contact or submission form to use. Pitching to 5-7 identified outlets using variations on 1-2 basic pitch templates that you’ll write collaboratively takes about 4 hours of his time, or $200. That number of pitches gives you a good chance of landing one opportunity.


Ready to get started with Art Brand Project Assistance with Henry?

Contact us at info@february13creative.com to let us know about your project, and we'll get back to you with next steps. If your project seems like a good fit, you'll have a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to discuss the details with Henry and then he'll draft a project proposal and fee estimate for your review.


Still have questions about F13's Art Brand Services? Shoot us an email.