Whether you are an emerging or an established artist,

Whether you already have a strong brand or you’re ready to build one,

Whether business has gotten a little ho-hum, or you find yourself at a big, pivotal moment,

It all starts here:

The F13 Art Brand Strategy Session

photo by  Sarah Deragon

photo by Sarah Deragon

Hi, I'm Betsy Cordes, founder of February 13 Creative.

Join me for this 2-hour session (via phone or video conference) to get immediate guidance and expert perspective on your art business.

Thanks to my 35+ years of experience in the field of visual arts, I have developed a singular and powerful way of working with artists to facilitate their deepest visions for their businesses. As a working artist and creative entrepreneur myself—with a long history as an art director and manager of artists to boot—my understanding of visual artists, their work, the challenges they face, and the opportunities available to them, runs deep. I bring it all to your table with the Art Brand Strategy Session (ABSS).

My goal is to help you help yourself to build the business you desire. I give you the tools, information and resources that will empower you to do that confidently, knowledgeably and efficiently.

At F13, we don’t believe there is one size that fits all. Everything we do is tailored very specifically to your business and your needs; that’s one reason every advising relationship at F13 starts with an ABSS.

Here's how it works:

  • The ABSS begins with a detailed questionnaire about you, your business, and your goals.

  • I review your answers, your portfolio and your marketing platforms ahead of time, and come into the meeting prepared to address your business comprehensively and in detail.

  • Informed by my research and topics that surface during our conversation, the session agenda develops organically.

  • The session takes place over two hours via phone or video conference.

  • Following the meeting, I send a wrap-up email with any additional thoughts and suggestions for next steps. If you like, I can also provide a recording of your session.

Cost: $575.00

I worked with Betsy to get a better understanding of how to transition from being a licensed artist to a branded artist. I was looking for immediate results and she reassured me that success would come in time. And it has. And it’s still growing—just as Betsy had promised. I highly recommend Betsy for any step along the way of your creative journey. She is genuine, heartfelt, and an expert in the field.
— Angela Staehling
Betsy reviewed my portfolio, social media accounts, and my answers to her extensive questionnaire. We then met for two hours via video conference to discuss all of it. She pointed out strengths and weaknesses I didn’t even know I had and gave me action steps to transform both to my advantage. Hello secret weapon!
— Eli Halpin
Betsy was able to encourage new ways of engaging with my audience. This would in turn establish a deeper connection between me, my art and my online community.
— Shanna Trumbly

Is an ABSS right for you?


We believe an art brand takes shape when you create a business based on thoughtful commercialization of the art you love to make. When your efforts are framed by intuitive marketing that reflects your passions, values, and lifestyle, you inspire authentic engagement with your audience. When all these pieces come together, the result is a dynamic art brand with a devoted customer base that extends your marketing virally and exponentially expands the value of your brand.

If this definition resonates for you—whether it’s the path you’re on or the path you aspire to—and you’re looking for perspective and strategic advice to take the next big step with your art business, then an Art Brand Strategy Session will likely be a great investment.

My creative consultation with Betsy is probably the single best investment I’ve made in my business to date. She was smart, organized and focused on my concerns throughout the consultation. She helped me prioritize and let go of things that were not serving me, and embrace others that will. In short, I feel re-energized and, more important for me, validated in my own abilities.
— Sharon Stanley
I was immediately impressed by Betsy’s knowledge of and experience in the world of licensing and her obvious love of helping artists realize their goals which really shows in her warm, personal approach.
— Troy Litten
Thank you, Betsy, for putting your heart into the 2 hours we spent together. You made a difference, a big one!
— Catherine Rains
Working with Betsy is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made over the past year. I went from feeling uncertain about working with clients on custom illustration projects to feeling clear and empowered. I now have a strong understanding of how illustration fits into my graphic design business and a trusted advisor I can call on in a pinch if I need some back up finalizing a licensing contract.
— Katrina McHugh

These sessions are a powerful catalyst for positive change in your business. My clients tell me that the afterglow, clarity and momentum from our meeting lasts for weeks! That’s one reason an ABSS often evolves into a six-month advising relationship, where we work through one or two big projects together in order to vault your brand up a level. No matter where the road leads, I look forward to being your guide.

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