Wondering what it's like to work with us?

We are a small but nimble organization, proud to work with truly remarkable artists. We’re honored to be able to share testimonials from several of them here.

"Flowers and the Moon" ©  Katie Daisy

"Flowers and the Moon" © Katie Daisy

I often refer to two very different periods of my business: “before Betsy,” and “after Betsy.” As an illustrator who came upon success at a young age, I felt very accomplished, but overwhelmed when it came to the unfamiliar world of legal agreements and client relations… not to mention organizing my licenses, dealing with copyright infringement, defining my brand, and getting my business finances in order. One day Betsy stepped in and changed everything. With grace and care, she began working with my licensees and has since negotiated better terms for every contract I’m presented with. Betsy makes sure I’m involved in every business decision—I’m cc’d on every client e-mail and we go over every contract together. Because of our close relationship, I consider Betsy more of a business partner than a manager.

 When we started working together, Betsy understood and respected that I had a very clear idea of my brand, but wanted to solidify it. We had a branding retreat/seminar (in an enchanting yurt under the Redwoods!) where we talked about Katie Daisy as a brand. Together, we defined my ideal client and customer, and the values that center me. I even envisioned myself and my business 5 years in the future. I felt that this information was in me all along, but Betsy was able to extract it in the most gentle, inspiring way and put it on paper. Now, I’m able to look back at my branding guidelines to decide whether working on a particular project is in alignment with my brand’s health and well-being.

Having Betsy as a business manager has been an absolute joy. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is a breath of fresh air. She is one of the most intelligent and business-savvy women I have ever known and I am constantly inspired by her. We’ve already accomplished so much in the short time we’ve worked together—I can’t imagine what’s in store for the future!

Katie Daisy

“ABCs of Life" ©  Lori Roberts

“ABCs of Life" © Lori Roberts

Over the years I’ve taken many online classes and worked with many business consultants—including Betsy at February 13 Creative—and each helped me grow in different ways, as I transitioned through different stages in my business. Right now I consider Betsy to be the only consultant I need going forward because of her skills, experience, personality and kind heart.

Lori Roberts, Little Truths Studio

"Nature's Mushrooms" ©  Angela Staehling

"Nature's Mushrooms" © Angela Staehling

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Betsy! She’s a great sounding board who intuitively knows the best next steps to make your business succeed. I worked with Betsy to get a better understanding of how to transition from being a licensed artist to a branded artist. I had worked for many years as a licensed artist with a leading fine art publisher. This company also acted as my agent, handling all of my art licensing. After many years, and many transitions in the business, I decided to go out on my own and do self-licensing. However, I wanted to grow my business into an art brand, not just licensed art. Betsy was the first person I contacted. She gracefully encouraged me to let the business evolve as it was meant to be. I was looking for immediate results and she reassured me that success would come in time. And it has. And it’s still growing—just as Betsy had promised. I highly recommend Betsy for any step along the way of your creative journey. She is genuine, heartfelt, and an expert in the field. What more could you ask for?

Angela Staehling

"Morning Song/Rich Meadow" ©  Elizabeth Olwen

"Morning Song/Rich Meadow" © Elizabeth Olwen

For licensing artists, contract negotiations are par for the course. But I think most of us would admit that it’s the most dreaded part of what we do. Though I’ve grown to be more comfortable through the years, sometimes a contract situation comes up that is just beyond your abilities… or worse, a situation where you need to get out. When this happened for me, I was completely overwhelmed — I knew that I needed to handle the situation very delicately but I wasn’t sure how to approach it. I was feeling in over my head when I reached out to Betsy (who I had an immediate connection with; her warmth and good nature is undeniable), for advice on how to proceed. 
Which is when I had the great fortune of connecting with Chuck.

As with many lawyer interactions I've had, I was prepared for an intimidating phone call filled with legal jargon I didn’t understand. But I was instantly relieved when I spoke to Chuck. He was kind, patient, understanding, and spoke to me in terms that I could fully comprehend. His approach was graceful, down-to-earth and collaborative — I truly felt like I had a partner to help me through the situation. It was a massive relief. He helped me figure out my goals and focus on them, helping me create a strategy for every possible angle, and approach the situation with a calmness and confidence. He helped me successfully negotiate, with a better outcome than I could have expected. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would have done without him. Out of a bad situation, came something really positive and good. I can’t thank Chuck enough.

Elizabeth Olwen

"Llama Loves Sheep" ©  Eli Halpin

"Llama Loves Sheep" © Eli Halpin

I am often contacted by fellow artists asking if they can “pick my brain.” I am glad to occasionally give out free advice, however I can only help others get to the point where I am, in my own painting career. So where do I go when I need help advancing my own career goals? Enter Betsy Cordes.

Betsy reviewed my portfolio, social media accounts, and my answers to her extensive questionnaire. We then met for two hours via Skype to discuss all of it. She pointed out strengths and weaknesses I didn’t even know I had and gave me action steps to transform both to my advantage. Hello secret weapon!

I am so thankful that she has followed her passion and turned her strengths into a niche service that artists can use as a valuable tool. Can you imagine getting the full attention beamed at you for hours from a person who has worked for decades helping artists of all levels, supporting and advising them to achieve their dreams? She is a great resource for me and my questions, and I can refer her to others who come to me for advice when I don’t have time to sip coffee with them.

Plus her husband, Chuck Cordes, is a built-in copyright and intellectual property attorney who specializes in helping artists! Finding a professional like Chuck is always one tip I tell any artist who asks me for advice. Chuck has helped me tremendously already in the short amount of time I have known him.

Betsy and Chuck are a powerhouse team of experts that can clear up illusions of how the art world works, hold your hand while you navigate professional relationships, give your art brand building a serious boost, and provide legal advice. I am just thrilled to treat myself and my art career to their services. Thank you Betsy and Chuck!

Eli Halpin

"Shine Bright" ©  Kelly Rae Roberts

"Shine Bright" © Kelly Rae Roberts

I count my lucky stars, daily, for Betsy and Chuck. Before working with them, my business was in a pivotal moment and I needed a lot of guidance (and management) in several areas, including licensing management, getting clear about my vision/mission, building relationships with freelancers, and creating strategies to build my business while at the same time creating much needed time so that I could do what I love to do: create! After a year of having them on my team, I not only have more time to focus on the creative pieces of what I do, but I also have full confidence and trust in how my business is growing thanks to their helping me manage my brand on all levels. They are incredibly capable, highly respected, but also full of heart. I am constantly recommending them to all my creative friends and consider myself incredibly fortunate to have landed in their capable hands.

Kelly Rae Roberts

"Eclipse" ©  Katrina McHugh

"Eclipse" © Katrina McHugh

Working with Betsy is easily one of the best decisions I've made over the past year. I went from feeling uncertain about working with clients on custom illustration projects to feeling clear and empowered. I now have a strong understanding of how illustration fits into my graphic design business and a trusted advisor I can call on in a pinch if I need some back up finalizing a licensing contract. My favorite part was when we took it a step further and Betsy actually reviewed my portfolio, gave me amazing feedback, and helped me establish a plan to grow! It takes special folks to handle law, coaching and art direction at the same time. F13 is truly a valuable resource!

Katrina McHugh

"Prosperity" ©  Stephanie Ryan

"Prosperity" © Stephanie Ryan

I came to Betsy with a big vision for a new brand, Art+Alchemy. I was ready to make changes, but struggled with where to start. Betsy helped me bring it all to life, coaching me through my sense of overwhelm with a gentle spirit that kept me focused on my goals and helped me honor the progress I was making toward them. With her licensing industry and art business experience, I knew that I was in good hands from the start. Betsy delivered consistently and beyond my expectations, always providing just the right tools, resources, design feedback, brand strategy, moral support and more. Her nurturing and thorough approach boosted my confidence, and supported me as I launched a new art brand that fully embodies my heart and my story.

Stephanie Ryan

"The Erratic Ecstasy of Creation" ©  Esther Loopstra

"The Erratic Ecstasy of Creation" © Esther Loopstra

I’ve been working with Betsy now for the past five years and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. Before I worked with her, I “tried on” a few other coaches and their approach was always the same…they gave me their idea of what was good for my business. Betsy is different. She has a unique intuitive ability to pick up on what your core desires are and guide you in that direction. If you are looking for someone to take you to the next level of authenticity in your business, she’s the one for you. I always tell people that Betsy is like a mirror that shows you what you really want even if you won’t allow yourself to see it. This year especially, I have seen major breakthroughs in shifting my brand and allowing myself, with her support, to come into a place of much more fulfillment. Thanks Betsy for believing in me and encouraging me to believe in myself.

Esther Loopstra

"Go Play Outside Kids" © 2015  Troy LItten

"Go Play Outside Kids" © 2015 Troy LItten

I met Betsy through word of mouth referrals when I began exploring licensing opportunities for my photography/design work after over a decade of success in publishing. I was immediately impressed by Betsy’s knowledge of and experience in the world of licensing and her obvious love of helping artists realize their goals which really shows in her warm, personal approach. Since I began working with Betsy she's helped me get my first licensing projects off the ground by assisting me with pitching my work to prospective licensees, facilitating partnerships, and consulting on contract reviews. Throughout the process Betsy has supported me when pursuing the things I know how to do and am comfortable with doing myself, while providing guidance to understand and execute the things I did not understand — for example, her skills as a representative guided an introduction to a prospective licensee and successfully positioned and empowered me to execute an agreement on my own. I have learned so much from Betsy and am super excited about the new opportunities for my work she has helped create.

Troy Litten

"Hope is the Dream" © 2014  Susan Black

"Hope is the Dream" © 2014 Susan Black

Having Betsy on board my solo creative adventure feels like having the very best of all worlds rolled up into one. I love what I do and most days feel quite motivated, grateful, and happy to just keep on keepin' on. But there are also days when being the boss of a growing business is overwhelming in ways that can easily crush the creative spirit. Like most art entrepreneurs I'm really in this for the creative parts—the businessy parts not so much. Yet I know how incredibly important those other non-creative parts are to ensure a thriving, growing and sustainable business.

Betsy brought the best of everything to "my" table. She's like having an agent and a coach, one who's learned my strengths and challenges and has helped push me (gently) to be the best I can be. She's my confidante and sounding board, a best girlfriend, my own personal cheering squad and accountability partner. And she'll tell me like it is when I need most to hear it. She motivates and encourages me, and she has celebrated large along with me my many recent successes. She's helped me to set realistic and achievable goals for my business and helped me to learn to create better, more efficient business practices—scheduling, systems, organizational tools. She’s also given me great advice on my licensing contracts and helped me get a better handle on my social media marketing. The result is that the business side of my creative world runs more smoothly and is far less likely to feel daunting.

Above all that, Betsy is also one of the most genuine people I've known. I can't remember how or where I first heard about February 13 Creative back in the fall of 2013 but I know this for sure: our meeting was meant to be!

Susan Black

"Flourish" ©  Kelly Ventura

"Flourish" © Kelly Ventura

I am so happy that I was referred to Betsy and Chuck in 2015, what an amazing and experienced team! Chuck has been so great to work with on the legal side; whether it is simple advice, an in-depth contract review or building my base contract from scratch, he has been invaluable to my business in the short time we have been working together.

And Betsy, let's just talk about her for a minute… quite possibly the most kind, genuine and knowledgeable woman I have spoken with. I had all of these business dreams and ideas and fears tucked away in my mind for years; how to expand, how to work more efficiently, do I have a recognizable brand identity, do I want to grow into wholesale, a lifestyle brand, all of those burning questions. After spending an hour talking with Betsy during my brand session, the answers became clearer. She helped to prioritize, set aside the things that were less important and focus on the action steps to make the big ideas happen! I felt so refreshed and motivated after our chat and look forward to making it a bi-annual check in.

Thank you, February 13 Creative!

Kelly Ventura

"Close Your Eyes" ©  Amy Schimler-Safford

"Close Your Eyes" © Amy Schimler-Safford

Betsy and I met a while back through mutual contacts in the art licensing industry and went on to collaborate on a fun project for Madison Park Greetings. I always admired Betsy's thoughtful, insightful, steady approach to her work as well as her creativity. Around the time she began consulting, I found myself at a crossroads in my career. After 2008, many industries I had depended on were challenged and the marketplace was changing. I needed to rethink my direction and thought it could be an opportunity to do the type of artwork I previously didn’t have time for.

I decided to work with Betsy and it was the perfect conversation at the perfect time in my professional development. Betsy had so many great suggestions and insights. She picked up on my anxiety about pushing myself in new directions. After we hung up the phone I scribbled on a post-it note “replace anxiety with intention.” They were my words, but Betsy’s message. I stuck it on my computer and it is still stuck there today. Shortly after our conversation I created a piece of artwork that became a turning point for me. I did a promotional mailer with this new image through my literary agent and multiple offers came. I have had children’s book contracts with major publishers lined up ever since that card went out, including a really fabulous opportunity I couldn’t have dreamed of. Recently, recollecting on this wonderful new direction in my career, I connected the dots back to that conversation with Betsy, and that little post-it note. As new opportunities arise I am hopeful to work with Betsy again. I highly recommend her and the services she offers through F13.

Amy Schimler-Safford

"On Becoming, 3" ©  Jan Avellana

"On Becoming, 3" © Jan Avellana

Note from Betsy: Jan Avellana first published the words below on Instagram. I’m grateful for her permission to repost them here. This is really a testimonial for Jan and her diligent work. which is just the way I like it! I’m guided in this work by my firm conviction that my clients are their own best advisors and advocates. I listen and observe; then I drop ideas, questions and suggestions that I intuit will help my client find her own way. Jan’s reflection is so inspiring to me, and I hope to you, too!

"Read yourself." — Betsy Cordes, February 13 Creative
When I asked Betsy over at February 13 Creative to recommend something to read to further my journey and gain more clarity on my creative direction, without hesitation she said, "Read yourself." That seemed like silly advice at the time because surely there were experts who could give me the answers I seek. I mean, what the heck do I know?! But then, I went back through my journals and nine years’ worth of blogging and I discovered the obvious expert on me was (of course) me....

Jan Avellana

You can check out Jan’s original post, here on Instagram, where it’s accompanied by a small painting she did of my words. The first time I’ve been quoted in an artwork!

"Awkward Dating Card" ©  Emily McDowell

"Awkward Dating Card" © Emily McDowell

When I came to Betsy, I knew I needed to make some changes to the way I was working, but I didn’t really know where to start or where to focus, and I wasn’t even clear on exactly what I wanted. So basically, it turned out I needed a business therapist, and Betsy turned out to be a phenomenal one. She helped me clarify some major decisions, personal and professional goals, and the mission of why I was showing up to work every day. The two days we spent working together ended up being the catalyst for some huge, much-needed changes in my business in 2016, and I’m so grateful for her help.

At the same time, we began working with Chuck on the constant stream of IP issues, trademarks, contracts and everything else that comes with owning a creative business. Chuck is now an important member of our team, and we feel very lucky to be working with him. He’s pragmatic and kind, explains complex legal issues clearly and concisely, and is very good at helping us determine which battles to choose. We love Chuck and Betsy, and I recommend them every chance I get!

Emily McDowell

Sharon Stanley, Simply Creative,  photos © Laura Gordon

Sharon Stanley, Simply Creative, photos © Laura Gordon

My creative consultation with Betsy is probably the single best investment I’ve made in my business to date. Betsy was smart, organized and focused on my concerns throughout the consultation. I confess I hesitated for a good while before considering a creative consultant, as my business is a small one, but the information she shared in our two hours together showed me that size doesn’t always equal value; that it’s ok to be small and grow at my own pace; that small doesn’t mean inconsequential. Before Betsy, I believed my many varied creative interests showed a lack of focus; I thought that part of my personality was a detriment to my business.  Betsy was able to help me tap into this piece of myself and see it as a plus, not a negative. She helped me prioritize and let go of things that were not serving me, and embrace others that will.  In short, I feel re-energized and, more important for me, validated in my own abilities. I couldn’t be more pleased, and look forward to working with her again.

Sharon Stanley

Betsy helped me organize and streamline my thriving business as a spiritual educator and writer. She gets my desire to produce less product, be on-screen less, and raise the integrity of what I'm already doing. While self-publishing my third book, she helped me understand where the gaps in my planning strategies were so that I could launch and promote efficiently. My management shortcomings were in the area of being a good boss, creating provisions and contracts with those I'm working with, and making effective use of my time. I've enjoyed our discussions and her encouragement about areas I can naturally expand in. I have so enjoyed counting on her to keep me focused and on task.

Henry has been an absolute dream to work with as a copy editor. He reads the work thoroughly and considers who I'm speaking to in my writing, helping me come across clearly and succinctly. He helps me make magic of my run-on sentences and tames my tangled ideas into much more readable, enjoyable prose.

Pixie Lighthorse
Author of Prayers of Honoring and Boundaries & Protection: Honoring Self, Honoring Others

Handmade, one-of-a-kind clay dolls by  Nily Necef

Handmade, one-of-a-kind clay dolls by Nily Necef

Meeting Betsy is the best thing that ever happened to my art career. I needed someone to see my portfolio not just with her eyes but also with her heart. Betsy was just the right soul for this new adventure.

When I met her I was feeling overwhelmed by my art. I was lost and confused and didn't have an agenda for my next step. But she lifted my soul up right away. She helped me stop worrying and start doing…. I started to take care of my overwhelmed self first and my business later. She motivated me to take actions in a healthier way. We set goals together, and I learned how to work towards them without getting frustrated.

Once I had Betsy in my life, I started to accomplish big things for my business. She guided me on a major rebranding project. Thanks to her, I finally have a brand name, and my website is more active than ever. I'm more productive and motivated. She taught me to look at my business from a different perspective. I've learned not to over-think, not to worry about my speed so much. I'm kinder to myself. I actually learned to enjoy the process of this time in my life with my art.

It's been truly such an amazing six months of my art career, and I couldn't have asked for a better person to walk into my life than my Besty Betsy, as I love to call her.

Nilufer (Nily) Necef

"The Cosmos Keepers" ©  Shanna Trumbly

"The Cosmos Keepers" © Shanna Trumbly

Betsy’s words inspired from afar and helped me set goals long before our actual meeting. I was first introduced to her organized, permission giving, go-getter magic on a podcast for creatives and the seed was planted. I knew that I would work with her one day.

Just over a year later that day came. I had finally created a new and updated website and felt it was time to get some help streamlining the many questions and ideas I had for the next steps to take in expanding my creative business. 

Betsy’s approach is nurturing, heartfelt and intuitive with a reassuring deep understanding of the organization it takes to create, build and run a solid business. 

She helped me see both what was in alignment and what was not. By recognizing my strengths and highlighting the areas in which I was already moving in the right direction with, Betsy was able to encourage new ways of engaging with my audience. This would in turn establish a deeper connection between me, my art and my online community. She then brought awareness to the weaker areas of my business where my sense of overwhelm was clouding my vision so that we could start to form a game plan. It was absolutely BRILLIANT! 

I view my business differently since my art branding strategy session, in fact I will never see it the same again and am forever grateful for Betsy, my permission giving angel! 

Shanna Trumbly

"scent of wood smoke" ©  Annette Makino

"scent of wood smoke" © Annette Makino

The ABSS [Art Brand Strategy Session] was a big investment for my small business, but so worth it. Prior to our session, I felt pulled in multiple directions, and it was hard to figure out where to focus my energy. I now see how I can de-emphasize or let go of a number of less worthwhile activities. I’m sure the ABSS has saved me months—probably years—of trial and error, and it has provided the priceless gift of clarifying my direction and priorities. 

Even more importantly, the session was key in identifying why I had been considering letting my business go entirely: I was not allowing myself to spend enough time creating art, which left me spending proportionally too much time on the less enjoyable aspects of running a business and not enough time nurturing the heart of it, the artmaking that feeds my soul.

Thank you so much for your focused attention, support and insight! Being an artist-entrepreneur can be a lonely business, so it means a lot to have someone to dig into the nitty-gritty details with me as well as offer perspective.

Annette Makino

"Love Boho Hand" ©  Dariana Moreira / Dari Luna

"Love Boho Hand" © Dariana Moreira / Dari Luna

I started working with Betsy at the perfect crossroads of my career. I had recently separated from my business partner and was ready to start a new brand based on my art and my coaching services.

Betsy's sessions were essential to building Dari Luna. With Betsy's magical guidance I was able to tap deeper into my values, my soul, the work that really matters to me, my style and my journey. I was able to then sprinkle all of that into my brand in a way that made so much sense to me and to my audience. She made me feel empowered and uplifted. I looked forward to every single session and was always excited to meet her monthly.

After our first session I was already receiving compliments from people noticing a change in my style and in my overall brand look. It felt like people weren't confused any more about what I did. The greatest benefits of working with Betsy were receiving the accountability that helped me stay on track, having such an experienced sounding board on my side, her soft yet definite guidance based on my specific situation and the goals we had set in place and the certainty that she believed 100% in me and my work. Without her it would have taken me a year and half to do what I did in 6 months.

Dariana Moreira

"Rainbow Mandala Stones" ©  Elspeth McLean

"Rainbow Mandala Stones" © Elspeth McLean

I'm fortunate to have been working with Betsy for over 18 months now. My art business had an unexpected growth spurt in 2015 after my artwork went viral on the internet.

With no formal business training, up until that point I had been solely focused on creating art. Part of me never really believed that I could ever make a living/business from my art.

When I realized and accepted that I was out of my depth in many areas, I decided to give my art business the dedication it deserved by investing in the skills and expertise Betsy has to offer. I was instantly drawn to her warm yet direct approach.

In our time together, under Betsy's guidance, I have successfully licensed my work for calendars, a puzzle company, and book covers. In addition, I have re-branded my business and completely rebuilt my website.

Working with Betsy is more than just navigating the world of business. From wonderful book suggestions, to pep talks, to being a believer in me and my art, Betsy has helped me grow more confident all the way around.

She is a wonderful resource in other ways, too: her years in the business means she has a large list of contacts to draw from. (For example, it was through Betsy that I met the boutique branding design team I worked with to create my new website.)

I have gone from being scared of my business growth to being excited for the future and where my art will take me next. 

Elspeth McLean

"Discovery" ©  Meenal Patel

"Discovery" © Meenal Patel

I was at the beginning of my independent art journey after spending 10 years at a design agency when I decided to do an Art Brand Strategy Session with Betsy. Before the session I was feeling unfocused and overwhelmed about where and how to start going after my goals and quite honestly, about what I really wanted for my business. Talking with Betsy gave me clarity and more confidence in my art brand vision. And I had the tools and motivation to go after what I wanted instead of letting the fears associated with all those goals continue to swirl around in my head.

Betsy was great at identifying pain points in my business that I needed to work on (and how to overcome those points), strong points that I could capitalize on more and bringing to light where I needed to take time for self-reflection. On top of all of her industry expertise, she had a keen ability to ask me all of the right questions to make me think more deeply about what I want for my business and how to begin carving my own unique path to get there. She is a phenomenal coach, listener and all around gem of a person.

I feel so grateful to Betsy for being an exceptional resource and champion of artists. I'm excited to continue my art brand journey with Betsy (and Chuck for his legal expertise!).

Meenal Patel

“Sun Salutation” ©  Ana Victoria Calderón

“Sun Salutation” © Ana Victoria Calderón

I came across Betsy’s services through fellow artists I admire online. Her work with these clients came highly recommended as I found myself in an overwhelming stage of my business. My art brand had been growing steadily for a number of years when I suddenly found myself having to make tough decisions concerning my brand’s direction.

It seems like no one prepares you for the moment you must begin prioritizing certain clients or projects. Finding yourself in the position of having to pick and choose while actually saying no to projects you’re interested in is not easy. Betsy came at the perfect time in my career. For the first time I sat down and spoke to someone who took my brand seriously and analyzed my business in a very professional manner. From our initial strategy session together, Betsy made me feel like someone cared about my art brand just as much as I do.

Betsy knows art brands and the business. It’s as simple as that. She has the preparation and sensibility to observe your brand from different angles and offer meaningful consultation. Betsy quickly understood what is important to me as a human being and having her in my life makes me feel like there is always someone watching out for me that has my best interests in mind. She knows what my values are and always tells me the truth.

After working with Betsy for a number of years, I can confidently say that her guidance has elevated my brand to a level I had only dreamed of at the beginning of my career. Since then I have made bold decisions I was too afraid to make on my own, found clarity in the direction of my business, quadrupled my income and published my first book.

Betsy is an incredibly caring and wise person. Investing in her guidance has contributed to both my professional and personal growth. Thank you Betsy, for being my art brand godmother and my friend.

Ana Victoria Calderón

Rainbow Smoothie ©  Ohn Mar Win

Rainbow Smoothie © Ohn Mar Win

I had heard of Betsy from various sources over the years, and noted her services for future reference. Then all of a sudden, four artists I was having separate conversations with mentioned how Betsy had helped them. I took it as a sign to contact her immediately and this time I did not hesitate to book an Art Brand Strategy session. Betsy came at the perfect time in my career.

I had built up my career as a illustrator, surface designer and tutor rather swiftly over the last five years. By all intents and purposes my art business was thriving and I was able to live comfortably off my art. However I was feeling increasingly frustrated by the work I was producing and probably edging very close to burning out or entering a major phase of creative block. From the moment the strategy questionnaire arrived I knew my session with Betsy was going to be a game changer. And the session was not at all how I expected a ‘brand’ strategy consultation to go—it really was quite special. She was immediately able to identify my very unique creative needs that I would have to address in order to sustain my art business into the next phase. Betsy understood my yearning to nourish and cultivate my creative self expression on several levels.

From then onwards I was able to take time for self-reflection along with creating for myself with no expectations. I prioritised time for creative play and nurturing own curiosity, which I now understand is vital as a creative individual and for the long term maintenance of my business. I felt the effects of this almost immediately and I am now consistently creating art that I am supremely proud of, from a place of balance and joy rather than overwhelm.

Betsy delivered her perceptive insights with deep understanding and overall the experience went far beyond my expectations. I am now confident the next five years of my art career will see another marvelous phase that will be most rewarding and satisfying. Betsy is a very kind and gentle soul and I cannot recommend her valuable strategy session enough.

Ohn Mar Win